EU to accept Turkish vaccine proof for travel

The decision will make it easier for Turkish citizens and residents to travel in Europe. In addition to tourism, many Turks travel to Europe for business or to visit family. Germany in particular has a large Turkish diaspora community. Not everyone …

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Saudi Arabia to lift international travel ban on

(7 days ago) Saudi Arabia will allow citizens vaccinated against COVID-19 to soon travel abroad, and the country will open its land, sea and air borders, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday. "The decision to lift the suspension on citizens traveling outside Saudi …

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UK bans travel from UAE

(6 days ago) The UAE’s two main travel destinations, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, remain open for international tourists. Authorities in Dubai are beginning to reintroduce restrictions, however. Last week, the city suspended live entertainment at restaurants …

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Domestic tourism thrives in Gaza

(4 days ago) The chairman of the board of directors of Taiba Travel and Tourism company, Tamer Abu Salem, told Al-Monitor that the initiative aims to highlight the beautiful places that citizens often overlook, at a nominal fee of $12 per person. “This is a low price for the services provided, including breakfast, lunch and transportation,” he said.

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Biden ends Trump’s ban on travel from Muslim-majority

(4 days ago) The hastily announced travel ban created scenes of chaos at international airports, a slew of federal lawsuits and protests across the country. Early iterations of the travel ban, which followed Trump’s campaign trail comments calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” were struck down by federal

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Iraq to close airports, borders for October election

(9 days ago) Iraq will close its airports and borders for next month’s election. The election will take place Oct. 10. The day before that, all airports and borders will close, and travel between provinces will be restricted. Travel will then return to normal the morning of Oct. 11, the election’s security

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UK opens 'travel corridor' to Gulf states

(5 days ago) UK opens 'travel corridor' to Gulf states. Visitors to the United Kingdom from Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE will not need to isolate upon arrival come Saturday. Travelers exit via the international arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 on Aug. 22, 2020, in London, England. -.

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US citizen barred from leaving Iran needs life-saving

(Just Now) But despite his rapidly declining health, he is still barred from leaving the country. His family on Monday submitted an urgent appeal to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, explaining that Iran’s refusal to lift a travel ban on him has posed an immediate and grave risk to his life.

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Iran presses for visa waiver from Iraq

(4 days ago) An Iranian policeman checks the travel document of a pilgrim at the Mehran border point between Iran and Iraq, as thousands of Shiite Muslim Iranian pilgrims headed toward the central Iraqi shrine city of Karbala on Oct. 27, 2018, ahead of the Arbaeen religious festival.

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Egyptian initiative encourages young women to travel the

(Just Now) Launched in 2015, the "Travel with Shee" initiative organizes monthly workshops in Cairo and Alexandria to encourage young Egyptian women to ignore social, family and religious constraints and go see the world. CAIRO — In an attempt to break social and psychological barriers that prevent young

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Palestinian Refugees in Egypt

(7 days ago) Palestinian refugees in Egypt still face many challenges and discrimination, writes Mahmoud Omar. A border officer stamps the passport of a Palestinian passenger on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing over to Gaza at Rafah city, some 350 km (217 miles) northeast of Cairo, Aug. 10, 2012. -. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany. Mahmoud Omar.

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Vaccinated Saudis free to travel abroad as ban lifted

(2 days ago) Saudi Arabia has reopened for international travel, allowing those vaccinated against COVID-19 to go abroad for the first time in more than a year. In an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, Saudi Arabia banned most travel to and from the country in …

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Kuwait to allow international travel again, but not from

(6 days ago) Kuwait’s Center for Government Communication said today that citizens and residents of Kuwait will be able to travel to and from the country starting Saturday. People coming from India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal will still not be …

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Frustration builds as Iraq's airports remain closed amid

(8 days ago) The domestic travel restrictions has caused some Iraqis, including displaced people, to become stuck at checkpoints. The news is not all bad. Sanohlum said the Thai Embassy in Amman, Jordan, gave Thai nationals the option to repatriate this month. (Thailand does not …

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Saudi Arabia to require two vaccine jabs for international

(3 days ago) Saudis will need to receive two COVID-19 vaccine doses to travel outside of the country beginning next month. The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced on Monday that receiving the second dose of a coronavirus vaccine will be a condition for Saudi citizens to travel abroad beginning on Aug. 9, the official Saudi Press Agency reported. The decision was made based on Ministry of Health …

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King Abdullah to be first Arab head of state to meet with

(4 days ago) Abdullah’s wife, Queen Rania, and their son Crown Prince Hussein will also travel to Washington. The visit will “highlight the enduring and strategic partnership between the United States and Jordan, a key security partner and ally of the United States,” the …

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Israel runs last-minute diplomatic blitz against nuclear

(1 days ago) Notching up diplomatic efforts over nuclear talks with Iran, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will travel next week to Washington, while Prime Minister Naftali Bennett might travel

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Gaza court revises women’s travel restrictions after

(Just Now) GAZA CITY — A Hamas-backed court in Gaza has backtracked on its decision requiring women to get permission from a male “guardian” to travel abroad after widespread criticism, yet rights advocates say the changes do not go far enough. On Feb. 10, the head of …

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Gazans get VIP treatment at Egyptian border

(8 days ago) GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — An Egyptian travel agency announced on its Facebook page that it started offering June 16 a paid VIP travel service for Gaza residents through the Rafah border crossing.. An official Palestinian source speaking to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity said the VIP service is offered through a newly established VIP lounge on the Egyptian side of the crossing.

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Israel announces 3,000 new Gaza work permits

(8 days ago) Travel abroad is difficult for Gazans, with just two crossings — Erez to Israel and Rafah to Egypt — open for limited pedestrian travel. The movement restrictions, combined with multiple wars with Israel, have devastated Gaza’s economy and left a majority of the seaside territory’s population without clean drinking water, electricity or

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Iran stops stamping passports

(9 days ago) After the November 2015 Islamic State attacks in Paris, the United States adopted the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act (2015), which set out new eligibility requirements for travel under the VWP. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia or Yemen were designated “countries of concern,” and ESTA-eligible

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Oman lifts ban on vaccinated travelers from 18 countries

(3 days ago) To curb the spread of COVID-19, Oman had banned travel from countries including India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, a move that stranded scores of expat workers in their home countries. Citing a declining number of cases, Oman on Saturday lifted its nighttime lockdown, which had restricted movement between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Health officials on

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Egypt's senior officials cannot travel without president's

(5 days ago) Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued Jan. 15 presidential decree No. 23 of 2019, regulating the travel of senior officials who are traveling abroad on official missions.Under this decree, senior state officials will not be allowed to travel without getting Sisi's permission, a matter that has sparked a heated debate regarding the key reasons lurking behind this move.

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Israel's travel ban threatens cancer patients in Gaza

(4 days ago) Holding dozens of travel permit applications, the source said, “Israel has not stopped its aggression on Gaza. It is still condemning it to death indirectly. The number of requests to travel for treatment sent to Israel doubled after the recent war. Around 100 requests are submitted daily. Most of them remain unanswered.

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Coronavirus not stopping flow of Israeli tourists to

(6 days ago) “Turkey is the ultimate destination for the Israeli tourist who seeks a close and inexpensive vacation without the requirement to quarantine on arrival,” Germon said. “This is one of the only destinations that allows Israelis to enter and travel

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Saudi Arabia to resume some international flights Sept. 15

(Just Now) Saudi Arabia is easing some of its coronavirus-related travel restrictions to allow “exceptional categories” of its citizens and residents to fly in and out of the kingdom. In mid-March, the Saudi government suspended all international flights as part of efforts to curb the spread of the virus

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Hamas Restricts Travel for Gazans

(7 days ago) Abu Madi said that there will be some exceptional cases where the government will request that some people travel through Rafah instead of Erez, for security reasons. As Gaza doesn’t have an airport, Palestinians from Gaza usually travel through the Cairo airport after crossing the border between Gaza and Egypt at Rafah.

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UAE reopens land, sea, air ports to Qatar following Gulf

(5 days ago) On Thursday, Emirati Foreign Affairs Minister Anwar Gargash announced that trade, shipping and air travel between Qatar and the four Gulf states would resume “within a week” but establishing diplomatic relations could take longer. “Some issues are easier to fix and some others will take a longer time,” Gargash said, according to Reuters.

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Turkey’s tourism sector fears another disastrous year

(7 days ago) An alarming surge in COVID-19 infections in Turkey, coupled with an ongoing gloom in the global travel industry, threatens to wreck hopes of recovery in the tourism sector, a vital source of hard-currency earnings for the crisis-hit country.. The Turkish government is under fire for mismanaging the pandemic, especially for holding crowded party conventions across the country in February and March.

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Saudi and Israeli tourism campaigns offer stark contrast

(8 days ago) Public relations firms working to promote travel to foreign countries are all over the map when it comes to lobbying and PR disclosures. A screenshot from a video, uploaded Oct. 7, 2019, includes a link to Saudi Arabia's tourism website.

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Why hasn't the EU lifted travel ban on Turkey

(8 days ago) European doors will remain closed to travelers from the United States, Brazil, and Russia, due to the rate of the spread of coronavirus. Turkey, a candidate member of the EU, which performed well above the EU average in the Covid-19 struggle, however, is among those countries that the travel ban from and to the EU will remain in effect.

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Israel issues travel warning involving several Middle

(7 days ago) Israel is warning its citizens to avoid travel to several states in the Gulf and other parts of the Middle East. The news comes as Iran vows revenge for the killing of a nuclear scientist; Tehran says Israel was responsible.. The warning also follows Israeli visits to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain following the normalization deals between Israel and the two Gulf countries.

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Lebanon latest country to restrict travel over coronavirus

(5 days ago) Lebanon joins a host of other Middle East countries implementing temporary travel restrictions. On March 9, Saudi Arabia extended its travel ban to include 14 countries, and Israel announced all those returning to the country must self-quarantine for two weeks. This story contains additional reporting from Agence France-Presse.

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Kuwait bans unvaccinated citizens from traveling overseas

(7 days ago) Kuwait will bar its unvaccinated citizens from traveling abroad beginning Aug. 1, the government said Tuesday. Children under 16 and adults with a Health Ministry-issued exemption are not included in the travel ban. Exemptions will also be made for …

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Travel Restrictions Take Toll On Palestinian Relationships

(Just Now) After four years of a long-distance relationship, Khoury got engaged to Nadine in 2008. At the time, she was in Bethlehem for a Christian holiday, having obtained an Israeli permit to travel to the Church of the Nativity. It was the last time Christians younger than 35 were allowed to travel to Bethlehem for the holidays.

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Jordan gearing up to reopen kingdom to tourism

(2 days ago) But head of the Travel and Tourism Agents Society in Jordan Mohammad Samih told Al-Monitor that all government measures to reopen tourism are “empty talk” and “on the ground, nothing real is happening.” Samih said the government had “abandoned this vital sector and left tour operators to take sole responsibility for paying 50% of

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Israel advances 'travel bubble' with other Mediterranean

(8 days ago) Still, creating a travel bubble that would include all the eight countries is probably not possible in the very near future. Instead, groups of two or three countries are likely to create small travel corridors as a start. Israel is hoping to create such a corridor with Greece and with Cyprus to begin with.

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Coronavirus gives kiss of death to Iran’s tourism industry

(3 days ago) Amid regional tensions, Iranian travel agents kept their businesses afloat by promoting tours for domestic travelers. Given that the depreciation of the Iranian rial from US sanctions has lightened the pockets of the middle class, thus making domestic trips a more attractive option compared to foreign tours, this approach could have served as

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Will Thomas Cook's collapse have long-term impact on Egypt

(3 days ago) Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest travel firm, ran hotels, resorts and airlines for 19 million travelers a year in 16 countries. On Sept. 22, the heavily indebted company met lenders and creditors in London to reach a last-ditch deal to keep the company afloat. The efforts failed, and the company collapsed the next day.

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Israel denies travel to Palestinian newborns

(8 days ago) To pressure Palestinians and force them to back down from their decision to stop security coordination, Israel is refusing to recognize more than 24,000 Palestinian newborns while preventing their movement through crossings as well as their travel abroad.

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Egypt to gradually resume international flights

(6 days ago) Egypt paused all international air travel on March 19 and has only allowed its airports to operate domestic flights. Just three coastal provinces — the Red Sea, South Sinai and Marsa Matruh — will reopen for foreign tourism in July.

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Saudi travel ban slams Egypt's religious tourism industry

(Just Now) Saudi travel ban slams Egypt's religious tourism industry. Seeking to curb the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus, Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended tourism to its holy sites to the detriment of Egypt's travel industry as the pilgrimage season approaches. Cleaners wear protective face masks following the outbreak of the coronavirus as

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What's behind Israel's easing of travel restrictions

(2 days ago) Israel’s unprecedented travel relaxation included, for the first time in 15 years, permits to 500 well-vetted Palestinians to travel abroad via Ben Gurion International Airport, and a similar number of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to travel to Jerusalem via the Erez crossing.

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Millions of Palestinians no longer eligible for Saudi

(7 days ago) An unannounced policy by the Saudi government has made millions of Palestinians unable to travel to Saudi Arabia for the hajj, umrah (the non-mandatory, lesser pilgrimage) or work. Over the past two months, Saudi consular officials have informed Jordanian travel agencies servicing hajj and umrah tourism that the kingdom will no longer accept visa applications for individuals with temporary

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Ethiopia’s detention of Egyptians escalates tensions

(4 days ago) He explained that some Egyptians were detained because of mistakes made by the travel agencies that failed to inform Ethiopia about the 14-day layover. Abu al-Alaa said that the Egyptian state must intervene to protect its citizens before tensions run high with Ethiopia, by contacting the competent authorities and submitting the Kuwaiti

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Global finance watchdog adds Turkey to grey list

(Just Now) The global financial watchdog known as the Financial Action Task Force, or FATF, announced today that Turkey has been added to its “grey list” of countries subject to heightened scrutiny over terrorist financing, money laundering and institutional corruption. The move will further dent Turkey’s spotty image and likely further weaken the

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US treasury secretary to tour Middle East in final push

(8 days ago) Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner is headed to Israel next week and will travel from there to Morocco with an Israeli delegation onboard the first ever direct commercial flight connecting the two countries. Among the outgoing Treasury secretary’s planned stops is Khartoum,

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Are Syrian jihadis ready to take the fight to Afghanistan

(2 days ago) Afghanistan: Islamic State appeals to "educated extremists" The Biden administration has vowed retaliation against the Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K) for the Aug. 26 attack on the Kabul airport thath killed 13 US armed service members and over 90 Afghan civilians. More violence is …

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