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Mass tourism is a phenomenon of the 20th century reflecting social reforms, holiday entitlement for workers and increased mobility. Germans and the Chinese are the travel champions of the world

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Coronavirus digest: US releases new guidelines for

(3 days ago) Canada has done away with a travel advisory that urged citizens to avoid nonessential foreign travel. At the same time, the province of Ontario has issued a timeline to lift all remaining

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Where to escape the COVID blues DW Travel DW 11.02.2021

(4 days ago) Travel in 2021 may therefore become more burdensome, more time-consuming, and, therefore, more expensive — but not impossible. The desire of Germans to …

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Fun facts about travel — Did you know

(8 days ago) The UK has banned travel from South America and Portugal over a new COVID variant in Brazil. Meanwhile, a new study has shown temporary immunity in recovered COVID patients. Follow DW for the latest.

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COVID Travel Diaries

(8 days ago) Travel COVID Travel Diaries - Traveling in times of the pandemic . We, Olivera Zivkovic and Emily Gordine from DW, traveled for two weeks across …

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Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism All media

(3 days ago) Travel Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism The COVID-19 epidemic poses a threat to the everyday life of people worldwide. Travelers are particularly affected, as are people working in tourism.

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Post-COVID tourism surges in Madrid DW Travel DW 26

(8 days ago) 14 hours ago · Travel Post-COVID tourism surges in Madrid. Travelers looking for culture and nightlife have returned to Madrid, one of Europe's most visited cities. But …

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Mallorca′s disappointing vacation season DW Travel DW

(2 days ago) Travel Mallorca's disappointing vacation season. In the second coronavirus pandemic summer, the tourism on the vacation island remains sluggish. …

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TripAdvisor relaunches as a social network DW Travel

(5 days ago) The world's largest travel portal, TripAdvisor, has completed its long-announced transformation into a social travel network. At its launch on November 13, …

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Washington says Russians seeking US immigrant visas must

(6 days ago) 2 days ago · The US State Department on Sunday said that Russians hoping to get an immigrant visa to the US must travel to the embassy in Warsaw, Poland. …

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Coronavirus crisis: What travelers now need to know DW

(3 days ago) Travel Coronavirus crisis: What travelers now need to know. Global travel has come to a standstill in the coronavirus crisis. Many countries have banned entry for foreigners.

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Where are we heading

(Just Now) The Kanzelwand in Austria: Alpine view at an altitude of 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) Deutsche Welle: The World Tourism Organization UNWTO expects the number of …

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How is coronavirus changing air travel

(1 days ago) The new restrictions effect the travel business as overnight stays in hotels for tourist purposes will be banned, entertainment facilities such as theaters and cinemas will be …

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COVID Travel Diaries: On tour in Germany in times of

(6 days ago) COVID-19 Travel Diaries: A road trip through Germany Day 2: Hello Rügen! Our first stop is the Baltic Sea island of Rügen. We arrived late at 10.15 pm.

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Tourism expert: ′Many say they want to travel sustainably

(7 days ago) Sustainable travel, however, does not exist as a registered trademark with fixed content, but always depends on which aspects of sustainability are most important for suppliers or travelers.

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How European tourism all began DW Travel DW 25.09.2015

(3 days ago) Travel How European tourism all began. Traveling just for fun is a concept which is widely popular today - but that was not always the case. To …

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EU countries ease coronavirus travel restrictions News

(Just Now) Travel restrictions remain in effect there for Sweden, Spain, Portugal, and the UK and a warning is still in place for Lombardy, a coronavirus hotspot in Italy. Switzerland.

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The tourism sector will bounce back DW Travel DW 02

(8 days ago) "There will be a time after the crisis: Travel will be happening again, in whatever shape or form. Franconia is a classic short trip destination, occasionally used for a long weekend or for a week

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Opinion: EURO 2020

(Just Now) Sports Opinion: EURO 2020 - Long on travel, short on sense . A European Championship in 11 countries? It’s an interesting idea, but a logistical nightmare for the fans.

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Vexation not vacation for Europeans hoping for US voyages

(Just Now) As the EU opens to Americans, officials wonder when citizens can travel the other way " America is back !" the Biden administration proclaims at every opportunity, reassuring European allies of

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Coronavirus: Tourism thrives in Mexico against the odds

(7 days ago) But the UNWTO statistics don't necessarily tell the whole story. Michael Hallé is the Canadian co-founder of the 10Gates Matrix Inc. consulting firm, which specializes in travel data.

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Germany extends travel warnings for 160 countries News

(2 days ago) Warnings urging against "non-essential travel" to dozens of non-EU countries have been extended until August 31. Within Europe, Germany will lift …

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Fly me to the moon

(1 days ago) Travel Fly me to the moon - holidaying in space. On July 20, it will be 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. Soon others could follow — even tourists.

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Is supersonic travel on the horizon

(9 days ago) Almost 20 years after Concorde ceased operations, supersonic air travel could soon be taking off again. A deal involving United Airlines and the …

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Are vaccine passports really that new

(Just Now) From travel to school enrollment, providing proof of immunization is already a reality for many people around the world. Vaccine passport supporters say showing verification for …

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Coronavirus latest: WHO calls for ′gradual′ easing of

(5 days ago) Countries should gradually lift international travel measures based on risk assessment and must prioritise essential travel for emergencies, the World …

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Will EU′s summer travel rebound from coronavirus pandemic

(9 days ago) In January, TUI Travel — Europe's largest tour operator — announced the highest booking figures in its corporate history. Within weeks, TUI …

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Coronavirus: Travel boss urges EU to relax curbs on

(1 days ago) Travel and tourism company revenues have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently estimated that the airline industry will use up a

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Virtual tourism in Africa takes off amid the coronavirus

(8 days ago) Travel Virtual tourism in Africa takes off amid the coronavirus pandemic. African countries are offering tourists from all over the world the chance to travel the continent and even go on safari

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Coronavirus in Mallorca: The party′s over for tourists

(3 days ago) Travel Coronavirus in Mallorca: The party's over for tourists amid new lockdown. Following misbehavior from German holidaymakers, officials have instituted a …

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COVID-19 restrictions eased in the Czech Republic: ′Long

(Just Now) Travel abroad was a mere theory that could not be put into practice: "No one will let you in," Babis said on Friday. Only one of its neighboring countries, Austria, currently allows foreign

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Coronavirus prolongs Germans′ journey home from Morocco

(7 days ago) Travel Coronavirus prolongs Germans' journey home from Morocco. Many Germans will remember their 2020 Morocco holiday for some time. On March 20, Morocco declared a state of emergency because of

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Barcelona tourism in flux after coronavirus lockdown DW

(4 days ago) Travel Barcelona tourism in flux after coronavirus lockdown. Though tourism revenues have nearly disappeared, some locals are happy to have space back to …

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Coronavirus restrictions leave Russian student stranded at

(9 days ago) A young Russian who wanted to come to Germany to study despite coronavirus travel restrictions is stuck in Frankfurt Airport's deserted transit area. But …

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EU countries clamp down on UK travel over new coronavirus

(Just Now) News EU countries clamp down on UK travel over new coronavirus strain - live updates. A growing list of countries worldwide, including Germany and …

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