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Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; February 22, 2020. Hotels in Japan are Really Cheap. Most people book their stay at an AirBnB, but in Japan, you should consider staying at a hotel.

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Riding the Shinkansen

(7 days ago) Once the ticket staffer knows your travel information, he or she will ask you where you would like to sit. Once your purchase is complete, you as well as every passenger with you will receive their own ticket or tickets (sometimes you will receive two instead of …

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The Pocket Hotel

(2 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; January 7, 2020. The Pocket Hotel. The Pocket Hotel in Kyoto is very budget friendly but has high quality amenities. The Pocket Hotel offers accommodations for a low price. The rooms are small and cozy with super comfortable beds. Everything about your stay will be simple and clean.

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A Quick Guide to Riding the Kyoto City Bus

(8 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; January 18, 2020. A Quick Guide to Riding the Kyoto City Bus. Riding the Kyoto City Bus is just like riding the bus in any other prefectures, but there are some things you should keep in mind. The Kyoto City Bus is a very convenient way to travel in Kyoto. The buses do come frequently and there’s one that goes

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Visiting the Koka Ninja Village in Shiga Prefecture

(7 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; January 9, 2020. Visiting the Koka Ninja Village in Shiga Prefecture. The Koka Ninja Village isn’t hidden in the leaves, but it is a nice spot to visit for ninja-fans. I recently went full weeb and made a trip to Koka Ninja Village in Koka. It’s just two train rides from Kyoto and costs about 990 yen.

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Going to Nara from Kyoto Station

(8 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; January 28, 2020. Going to Nara from Kyoto Station. Nara Station is really easy to get to from Kyoto Station. The Kanji for Nara is 奈良, if you see any trains with this character in big letters on it, then that means you’re going in the right direction.

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Visiting Koka: The Homeland of Ninja

(1 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; January 8, 2020. Visiting Koka: The Homeland of Ninja. They’re quite easy to spot despite being ninjas. This is a quick and easy guide to reaching Koka, the homeland of ninjas.. Ninjas in Japan made their home in Koka, a quiet city not too far from Kyoto.

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A Quick Visit to Kyoto Animation Studio

(5 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; January 5, 2020. A Quick Visit to Kyoto Animation Studio. Almost half a year after the fire at Kyoto Animation Studio’s First Studio, I paid a visit to the Head Office today. Because it is still the New Year’s, the place was closed and of course quiet. There was a lingering sadness amidst the bright colored

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Guide on Teishoku Meals in Japan

(8 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; November 17, 2019. Guide on Teishoku Meals in Japan. One of the best meals in Japan are teishoku, or set meals because you can have a little of everything and more! An array of savoriness that you can enjoy first …

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Comics and Capsule Hotel in Kyoto : A Hotel Made for Manga

(9 days ago) The entrance of the capsule hotel is located on the fourth floor of the Passagio, a small plaza located in Shinkyogoku, Kyoto. It can be easy to miss, but if you can find Animate, then you can find Comicap. The moment you enter, you can check in if you made reservations ahead of time. You can do so by going on

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Fun Facts about Japanese Rice

(9 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; March 23, 2020. Fun Facts about Japanese Rice. Japanese rice is a staple in almost every meal in Japan. Although it’s white and plain, there are many fun facts about the short grain itself. Japanese rice is short in length compared to other rices, and is rounder in shape. Many locals can not only taste, but

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Consumption Tax Rate in Japan

(5 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; February 6, 2020. Consumption Tax Rate in Japan. The consumption rate tax jumped from 8 % to 10 % back in October 2019. It’s a lot to digest. The Consumption Tax rate in Japan can be very confusing at times. If you’re staying in Japan as a tourist, you won’t have to worry about it too much unless you’re a

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Kanji of the Year

(4 days ago) 2019 – Rei. The Reiwa Era began, succeeding the Heisei Era. Together, the characters 令和 mean “beautiful harmony”. It was such a momentous part of last year so it wasn’t a surprise that the Kanji of the year is: Rei. At first sight, rei means “order” or “command”, so a lot of citizens were surprised that a strict sounding

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Final Fantasy XV

(9 days ago) I know many people have mixed feelings for Final Fantasy XV.Even I admit I didn’t enjoy the latter parts of the game. However, I did enjoy the anime tie-in that aired before the game’s release: BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV. The four episode animation showcased the relationship between Noctis and his friends. Episode 4: “Bittersweet Memories” featured a pastry that Ignis was making.

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An Izakaya Experience

(7 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; March 29, 2020. An Izakaya Experience. Izakaya food is the best part of a Japanese bar, in addition to the drinks of course. Izakayas are one of my favorite things about Japan. Not only can you enjoy alcoholic beverages like …

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The Anime Language

(4 days ago) I like anime just as much as the next guy, but there are some things about what you learn from anime that just don’t fly in Japan. Not Everyone Watches Anime Not everyone in Japan watches anime. That’s like assuming all Americans look like Guile …

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Supermarkets in Japan

(7 days ago) Speaking of drinks, Japan has a lovely assortment of beer. If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know the brand names such as: Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, and Suntory. They’re the big four. Kinda like Shonen Jump’s big three: One Piece, NARUTO, and BLEACH. Unlike in the West where you can only find one type of drink from each of these companies

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Japanese Particle: Wa and Ga Differences and Usages

(6 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; May 16, 2020. Japanese Particle: Wa and Ga Differences and Usages. A lot of Japanese textbooks don’t ever get into the nitty gritty of the two particles. A lot of textbooks tell you that は is the topic marker and が is the subject marker. But what does that exactly mean?

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Sapporo Beer Museum

(2 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; February 4, 2020. Sapporo Beer Museum The Origin Story. Sapporo Beer Museum has available the original recipe of Sapporo Beer on draft. Sapporo Beer is the oldest brewed brand in Japan, dating back to 1876. Although the old brewery opened in Hokkaido, the beer is now easy to find in Japan.

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Crayon Shin-Chan: Shinnosuke's Parents

(2 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; May 12, 2020. Crayon Shin-Chan: Shinnosuke’s Parents. Reading Crayon Shin-Chan made me realize something about anime parents. Crayon Shin-Chan is one of my favorite manga series. I’ve probably known about it for as long as I’ve known Dragonball. Anyways, I’ve been reading a lot of books recently since I

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Charadeco Cakes in Japan

(Just Now) The most common stores you’ll find are: Aeon, Lawson, Daily Yamazaki, Lawson, and Fujiya. All of them are either cake shops, supermarkets, or convenience stores. You do have to reserve your cake at least four to thirty days in advance. Price: 3,780 yen (plus tax)

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(8 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; September 27, 2020. An Increase in Suicide Among Japanese Actors. There have been a lot of news of actors in Japan committing suicide recently.

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How to make Cup Noodle Fried Rice

(Just Now) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; June 3, 2020. How to make Cup Noodle Fried Rice With Video. Mixing cup noodle with fried rice is now a thing in Japan. So I’ve been looking at a lot of recipes lately to see what I can cook on a budget, and I found something called Cup Noodle Fried Rice. The name is exactly what you would expect.

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Recreating the God-Don Finger from the Gundam Cafe

(6 days ago) Egg (Just one) 1) Combine everything into a bowl and mix with your hands. 2) Divide the meatballs into four equal pieces and then shape it into a ball. 3) Throw the ball into your palm to release the air. 4) Refrigerate for at least fifteen minutes before moving into the next step.

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GU: The Lesser Known Sister of Uniqlo

(2 days ago) Fashionable and Timeless. GU’s name is pronounced like the word jiyuu which is also the way you would pronounce the word “freedom” in Japanese. Its logo is the two letters written in yellow with a dark blue background. You can find this store not too far from a UNIQLO location, as if it’s following in the shadows of its more internationally famous sister…

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I tried the Marumiya's Kamen Rider Curry

(5 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; May 9, 2020. I tried the Marumiya’s Kamen Rider Curry. I finally got around to trying the Marumiya Kamen Rider curry. Marumiya is a food brand in Japan that sells all sorts of packaged cooking ingredients such as rice seasoning. Another particular item they have in stores are curry that has a box art that

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Japan's Oogui: Yuka Kinoshita

(3 days ago) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; May 13, 2020. Japan’s Oogui: Yuka Kinoshita. I miss eating in restaurants so what I’ve been doing to feed my hunger is by watching oogui, or big eaters in Japan. Oogui, a Japanese term for people who eat big …

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(1 days ago) Oishii Ramen – As Featured in Koizumi Loves Ramen. The restaurant locations featured in the Koizumi Loves Ramen anime are real. I’ve decided to make it my life’s goal to visit all of them. It might take a lifetime considering I don’t reside in Tokyo, but I’m going to do my best to eat at all of them. Continue Reading….

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Auld Lang Syne in Japan: The Song Used to Close Up Shop

(Just Now) If you hear this song playing in a department store, you should probably leave. It Means Go Home. If you’ve been in any Department Store maybe about fifteen minutes before it closes, you’ve probably heard the music of Auld Lang Syne streaming in the background while someone on the intercom is saying something in Japanese. If you hear this, it means it’s time to leave the store and go home.

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Valentine's Day in Japan is a Chore

(Just Now) Travel Guide; Anime/Weeb/Games; February 15, 2020. Valentine’s Day in Japan is a Chore. Valentine’s Day in Japan is quite systematic compared to other countries. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 just like anywhere else. However, unlike most other countries, the responsibilities fall on girls and revolves around chocolate.

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