Hawaii Travel Requirements & Updates COVID-19

Hawaii Travel Rules & Updates Quarantine Rules & Travel Updates for 2021-2022 Information on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Last Updated: October 1, 2021, at 10:30 am HST Hawaii has re-opened to Visitors with a pre-travel test or vaccine exemptions for select travelers. Aloha, this page is meant to cover information on Hawaii's travel requirements, quarantine …

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2021-2022 Hawaii Visitor Guide & Travel Packet

(6 days ago) 2021-2022 Hawaii Travel Packet EIGHT UNIQUE ISLANDS. SIX DESTINATIONS TO EXPLORE. ONE REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE! Hawaii provides you six amazing islands to choose from, four of which we cover in detail in our 2021-2022 Hawaii Travel Packet & Visitor Guide due to their popularity with travelers like yourself. Once you know which island (or …

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Hawaii Travel Restrictions for Visitors: COVID-19 Updates

(5 days ago) For non-vaccinated & international travelers. For all other travelers, including those who do not qualify for an existing vaccine exemption and for all international travelers, there is a pre-travel testing option that will allow travelers an alternative, allowing them to bypass Hawaii's mandatory 10-day quarantine restrictions, as long as they bring along proof of a …

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Hawaii Travel Information

(3 days ago) Hawaii Travel Restrictions. learn more. Hawaii COVID-19 Travel News & Headlines. learn more. Updates on Hanalei Landslide on Kauai. learn more. Hawaii Itineraries. learn more. How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Hawaii.

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Hawaii Things to Know for Visitors

(9 days ago) Sunblock (the UV on Hawai'i is typically 14+ in the spring, summer, and fall), a backpack (for any hikes) and a water bottle, slippers (flip flops, shower shoes, zoris), mask, snorkel, and fins (or rent locally instead), two bathing suits (one to wear while the other dries) and a cover-up, camera and film (or digital cards), lightweight

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Things to See & Do in Hawaii

(1 days ago) You can explore the pristine blue water from above while kayaking or from the depths below while scuba diving. You can head to the hills to discover the incredible views from the many peaks or head to the beaches to relax and bathe in the glorious sun. Shopaholics will discover local boutiques, high-end shops, and regional malls filled with

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Hawaii Visitor Travel Packet GuideofUS Hawaii

(1 days ago) Visitor Guide Table of Contents. Hawaii-Guide offers personalized Hawaii travel advice and vacation tips on the top attractions and things to see and do within the Hawaiian Islands. This packet, along with our website, features all of the best attractions in Hawaii — plus you can explore our hand-picked Hawaii tours, activities, and

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Maps of Hawaii: Hawaiian Islands Map

(Just Now) Updated Hawaii Travel Map Packet - 4 Main Island Maps. Updated with new high-resolution maps of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island. Includes most major attractions, all major routes, airports, and a chart with estimated driving times for each respective island. Our dedicated Maui Map packet additionally includes both a Maui Beaches Map + our

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Hawaii COVID-19 Testing Requirements & Test Procedures

(9 days ago) Pre-Travel Test - What to do with your results Once a traveler receives their negative pre-travel test result, from a trusted partner, they will need to upload the result to their Safe Travels Hawaii account at: travel.hawaii.gov.This step is crucial, as it will be the only means for airport officials to verify a traveler's Safe Travel Hawaii information upon their arrival in …

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Hawaii Health & Vaccine Passport Information for COVID-19

(9 days ago) Hawaii Vaccination & Health Passports Vaccine/Health Passport likely to be used for verification to travel Last Updated: October 15, 2021, at 10:00 am HST The challenges of tracking and providing proof of vaccinations, from what continues to be countless providers/locations, remain a lot different than the current 'Safe Travels' program that helps track negative pre-travel

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Hawaii COVID-19 Travel News & Headlines

(6 days ago) Hawaii Travel News & Headlines COVID-19 Travel Updates for Hawaii News & Links to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Resources Last Updated: October 13, 2021, at 11:00 am HST As you may know, new stories seem to break almost daily about updates and changes to Hawaii's travel policies, trusted partners that are being added/updated, new travel restrictions …

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Travel Tips & Hawaii Visitor Information

(7 days ago) Hawaii Travel Information. At HawaiiGuide, we understand that planning a trip to Hawaii can seem overwhelming. From which island to visit, when to travel, what tours and activities to try, what to pack, where to visit, and what to expect once you get there- it …

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Big Island Hawaii Guide: Top Things to Do on Vacation

(9 days ago) Travel Tips for Hawaii's Big Island The Big Island of Hawaii is the third most popular Hawaiian island among visitors, hosting over 1.5 to 1.7 million travelers annually . Often called the "Big Island" to help distinguish it from the 1,500-mile-long archipelago with which it shares its name, Hawaii, the Big Island has certainly earned its nickname.

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Hawaii Vaccine & Travel Policies for COVID-19

(9 days ago) Hawaii leaders are asking residents and visitors to wait until the end of October 2021 to travel. On August 23, 2021, Governor David Ige called upon Hawaii residents and visitors to delay all non-essential travel through the end of October 2021 due to the recent, accelerated surge in COVID-19 cases that are now overburdening the state’s

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Traveling to Hawaii With Kids

(8 days ago) Planning a Hawaiian Vacation with Children Family-Friendly Hawaii Travel Tips. Hawaii is a wonderful family vacation destination! The sandy beaches, warm ocean water, and fascinating culture are sure to captivate the wonder and imagination of your children.

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Big Island Travel Information

(8 days ago) Hawaii Travel Tips. We know Big Island is the biggest and youngest of the Hawaiian Islands; but many say it’s also bolder, more majestic, more unique, and even more fascinating than its island counterparts. Explore volcanoes by land or by air or try a night dive with manta rays. Or how about a waterfall hike and a walk along a black sand beach.

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Hawaii Vacation Packages

(6 days ago) Hawaii Vacation Packages Best Hawaiian Island Travel Deals for your Family. Each Hawaii Vacation Package includes your airline flights airfare, hotel stay, and vehicle rental on one or more of the incredible Hawaiian Islands.. With many packages priced below $1,500, there are some great vacation options for all Hawaii visitors.

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Hawaii Trusted Testing Partners & Test Costs for COVID-19

(Just Now) Hawaii's Trusted Pre-travel Test Partners Hawaii Testing Partners & Related Costs The Pre-Travel Test Must Come from a Trusted Partner! Last Updated: October 7, 2021, at 11:30 am HST Aloha, below we've included the official list of Hawaii's approved trusted testing partners.Click any official partner name below to drop to that partner's detailed section.

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Hawaii International Trusted Testing Partners for COVID-19

(6 days ago) Hawaii's Official Pre-Travel Testing Partners in Canada. The pre-travel test must be taken within 72 hours of travel to the State of Hawaii, and a negative test result must be received prior to departure. Travelers without proof of a negative test result prior to boarding their flight to Hawaii will be required to self-quarantine for 10-days or

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Best Time to Visit Hawaii

(4 days ago) Despite the current travel boom Hawaii is experiencing, many Hawaii tourism experts forecast regular travel trends to return as soon as the Spring of 2022. The outbreak of the delta variant also significantly complicates things and likely will reduce travel to the islands early in the fall and winter of 2021.

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Kauai Visitor Information & Tips

(3 days ago) These helpful travel tips and articles will help you learn what to expect, find a great place to stay, choose fun things to do, and more. From great beaches, amazing hiking trails, and even great things to do if it rains, it's all right here. At GuideofUS Kauai, we understand that planning your Kauai vacation can seem a bit overwhelming.

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Travel to Hawaii on a Budget

(Just Now) Booking through a travel agent or an online aggregator can significantly help arrange everything from rental cars to hotel stays. You get discounts from different groups at different rates. A rental car may be one price on one site and another price on another site. The best way to get the most discounts is to use multiple sites to find the

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Oahu Things to Know for Visitors

(3 days ago) Oahu - Top Things to Know. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and the most populous city in the state. The name Honolulu means ‘sheltered bay’ in the Hawaiian language, and with its natural harbor it has become a major gateway into the United States, as well as a primary tourist attraction, a hub for international business and for military defense.

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Best Attractions on Maui

(5 days ago) We also receive a small commission from travel partners for some of the links found on this website. All partners and related links comply with our Advertising Disclosures. For example, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. These links do not cost you anything and help provide the necessary funding to maintain this website.

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Oahu Travel Suggestions

(9 days ago) Oahu Travel Suggestions Officially known as "The Gathering Place," Oahu enjoys a long and well-traveled history as Hawaii's third-biggest island and major tourist destination. In fact, you could say that it lives up to its name and then some: …

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What to Pack on Your Hawaii Vacation Trip

(4 days ago) Be sure to also check out our official Hawaii Travel Store, which is composed of the best equipment and gear for people who quickly want to know what to get when traveling to Hawaii. When visitors choose to buy our independently chosen editorial picks, including through some of the text links below, we earn affiliate commissions that support

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Car & Vehicle Rentals in Hawaii

(Just Now) Vehicle & Car Rentals in Hawaii. For many visitors, renting a vehicle is often the best way to travel around the islands in Hawaii. Granted, guided tours and public transportation (which is almost non-existant outside Oahu), certainly have many advantages over independent travel, but there may be times when you simply want to sightsee and travel on your own schedule.

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Shaka Guide Driving Tour App

(7 days ago) Sponsored Content Disclosure. This content is sponsored by Shaka Guide Driving Tour App. Guide of US is a travel destination media and marketing company that receives compensation from companies or organizations whose products or services are promoted on this site.

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Hawaii on a Budget

(7 days ago) We also receive a small commission from travel partners for some of the links found on this website. All partners and related links comply with our Advertising Disclosures. For example, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. These links do not cost you anything and help provide the necessary funding to maintain this website.

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Oahu Travel Guide: Top Things to Do on Vacation

(4 days ago) Oahu Travel Guide Visitor Info & Top Things to Do on Oahu. Known as the "Gathering Place," Oahu is Hawaii's most populous island; and many believe it the perfect representation of paradise.Oahu is primarily defined by the state capital of Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, and the world-famous Waikiki Beach.These areas host thousands of tourists daily.

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Hilo Hawaii Beaches Guide

(7 days ago) The Hilo area is a not known for its large selection of great beaches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your beach fix and have some fun in the sun. Families with small children flock to Onekahakaha Beach Park for its sandy-bottomed cove perfect for little explorers. And snorkelers and picnickers alike praise Leleiwi Beach Park for

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Things to Know Before Traveling to Hawaii

(Just Now) Emmeline Brown is a passionate travel blogger. She shares an uncanny love for food and travel and has been dreaming of exploring the world ever since she took a trip to the Grand Canyon with her parents when she was 13. You can read more of her work in her blogs written for a Dubai travel agency Travelex Travels & Tours.

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What is the Best Month to Visit Hawaii

(5 days ago) Each season of the year is a memorable time on the islands, and we look forward to helping you decide what is the best month of the year to visit Hawaii. Published by: Victoria C. Derrick. Publisher / President. 2021-2022 Hawaii Visitor Guide →. Visiting Hawaii in January.

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Things to See & Do on Maui

(5 days ago) Things to See & Do on Maui Activities, Sights, Tours, & Must See Places. Maui no ka oi, or "Maui is the best," is a common saying on the island, and for a good reason - many visitors worldwide believe Maui to be the crown jewel of the Hawaiian Islands.We can't say we disagree. Maui is also known as, 'the Valley Isle,' - named as such because of the broad isthmus that spans between …

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Hawaii Official Contacts & Help Desk for COVID-19

(3 days ago) Hawaii Official COVID-19 Contacts Help Desk & Frequently Asked Questions Editor's Note: As you may know, the Hawaii response to COVID-19 by the different counties/islands has created a patchwork of emergency rules, orders, travel restrictions, and proclamations.Naturally, we recognize this may cause some confusion to visitors.

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Lapakahi State Historical Park Big Island Hawaii

(7 days ago) Lapakahi State Historical Park is located just before mile marker 14 on Highway 270 in Kohala. Six hundred years ago this land was discovered by the Hawaiians, and it has remained much the same since that time.The park staff has dutifully preserved and …

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Oahu Visitor Information & Tips

(2 days ago) Oahu Information & Articles Gathering Place Travel Tips. With so much to see and do on Oahu, in Honolulu & Waikiki, visitors to the island sometimed called, 'The Gathering Place,' often have loads of questions: What are the best sights on Oahu?

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Top Things to Do in Mountain View

(3 days ago) Directions to Mountain View. From the city of Hilo and Hilo International Airport, head south on the Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 11) for over 14 miles.Then, you can then take a right onto North Lauko Road where your destination lies. Many visitors are able to make their way efficiently on a shuttle from the airport, which is an affordable option in comparison to taking a taxi.

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Best Time to Visit the Big Island of Hawaii

(1 days ago) Best Time to Visit Big Island Big Island of Hawaii Tips for When to Visit. The best times to visit the Big Island of Hawaii, taking into consideration the weather, how crowded, or not, the island is, and demand for accommodations are the month(s) of April, May, August, September, and October.. Knowing when to visit the Big Island of Hawaii is essential when …

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Liliuokalani Park and Gardens Big Island Hawaii

(6 days ago) One of the gorgeous views of Hilo Bay is from the edge of the gardens. The sun glistens on the calm bay waters while palm trees gently sway in a warm breeze, and in the distance, you can see clouds banking on the slopes of Mauna Loa. Lili'uokalani Park was named in honor of Hawaii's last queen and features a meticulously manicured Japanese

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Hawaii Travel Marketing Services

(2 days ago) GuideofUS Hawaii is the fastest-growing & largest privately-owned digital Hawaii travel media brand *, annually assisting millions of Hawaii visitors in planning their trip. According to Alexa.com, an Amazon company, GuideofUS Hawaii is the most highly organic-trafficked + tourism-related website within Hawaii and is one of the top 10 most

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Pe’epe’e Falls Big Island Hawaii

(9 days ago) Pe'e Pe'e Falls. Pe'e Pe'e Falls (pronounced Peh-eh Peh-eh Falls) is fed by the Wailuku River which also feeds Rainbow Falls further down river. Getting an up-close view of Pe'e Pe'e requires a short hike down a hill and some rock skipping. The flow is determined by rainfall. The multi-spouted falls fills up a small pool at the base.

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Oahu Hawaii Maps

(3 days ago) Lots of visitors have asked we put a few Oahu Maps online - and now we have. Below you'll find a few maps of Oahu Hawaii that we've put together, including our updated Oahu Travel Map Packet that includes an new high-resolution map!

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Painted Church Big Island Hawaii

(1 days ago) Painted Church. Navigate Here. An unassuming white building with a sloped green roof, the wooden exterior of St. Benedict's Catholic Church gives nothing away about the beauty of its interior. The palace is open Monday through Saturday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is $6 for adults, $4 for seniors and $1 for children.

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Hawaii Academy: Learn about the Hawaiian Islands

(2 days ago) We also receive a small commission from travel partners for some of the links found on this website. All partners and related links comply with our Advertising Disclosures. For example, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. These links do not cost you anything and help provide the necessary funding to maintain this website.

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