Kyoto City Official Travel Guide is the first official guide to Kyoto. Please use this site as a gateway to the city, which we have designed to make your visit here that much more enjoyable.

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See & Do Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(9 days ago) Natural Dye from Kyoto – Bringing a 1500-year-old ethical dyeing method to the modern age, Kyot 28 Sep 2021. Enjoy “Metal Fittings” in Kyoto! Tips I learned from Artisans. 13 May 2021.

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Getting To Kyoto Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(6 days ago) Getting To Kyoto. Getting To Kyoto. Kyoto is easily accessible from Tokyo and other tourist destinations around Japan. By air or shinkansen, you can arrive in Kyoto in just a matter of a few hours.

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Tourist Information Center Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(1 days ago) Tel.: +81-75-343-0548. Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Closed: Open year round. Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean. *Kyoto Tourist Information Center “Kyo Navi” will be closed until further notice, beginning on April 25, 2021. Telephone Service will be operating until 5pm.

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Route Planner Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(9 days ago) To help you plan your itinerary, we have developed the “Japan Trip Planner.”. Using this service, you can combine multiple tourist destinations to find the best route between them. Try out this new service and plan your trip to Kyoto! For details, see the manual at the following link.

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Insider Blog Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(9 days ago) Experience Time Travel at Jidai Matsuri (Festival of Ages) 03 Sep 2019. Head to Kyoto for an Artsy Early Autumn 16 Aug 2019. Fushimi: A Town Just Waiting for You to Stroll Through It with Someone 28 Jun 2019. The Bamboo Forest of Nishikyo-ku 28 Jun 2019. Young Stewards of …

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From Major Cities Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(8 days ago) From Kobe. From Nagoya. Hiroshima. Fukuoka. Kanazawa. Because Kyoto is located in the center of Japan’s largest island, Honshu, Kyoto is easily reachable from a number of major cities in Japan by Shinkansen bullet train, standard trains, airplanes, and buses. The recommended ways to reach Kyoto from various cities in Japan are as follows.

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Kyoto Map (for Tourists) Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(7 days ago) Kyoto Map powered by Stroly (Free) Stroly is an internet service which links maps and location information. Users can upload maps and find other users’ maps as well. Kyoto Map powered by Stroly Website (Languages: English, Japanese)

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Transportation Tickets & Passes

(Just Now) Subway, Bus One-Day Pass, Two-Day Pass. 1-day Price: 900 JPY (Child 450 JPY) / 2-day price: 1,700 JPY (Child 850 JPY) These passes will let you visit almost all the major sightseeing spots within the city (a wider bus area compared with the Bus One-Day Pass), and are more reasonable (25% off) than buying only the Bus One-Day Pass and Subway

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Getting Around Kyoto by Subway & Train Kyoto City

(Just Now) Trains running within Kyoto City. There are two local train lines that connect central Kyoto to outer lying tourist spots; namely the Keifuku Randen Tram Line and the Eiden Railway. Using “Randen,” you can explore the Arashiyama area, and with “Eiden,” you can explore Rakuhoku (northern Kyoto), including the Kibune-Yase area, as well as

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Transportation Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(4 days ago) The City of Kyoto has a well-developed public transportation system, with municipal subways and buses available, as well as JR trains, and privately-operated railways and bus lines. There are many routes for the municipal bus system in particular. There are many taxis operating in the city, and they can be used without reservations.

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News from Kyoto City Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(9 days ago) Kyoto Travel Chatbot is Open! 12.12.2019. Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro 2019 – The Pathway of Blossoms and Light; 30.11.2019. World Masters Games 2021 coming up in KANSAI! 28.11.2019. Introducing a new video on the hot springs of Kyoto City! 26.10.2019. The 2019 Jidai Matsuri Festival Procession will be carried out as planned today. 16.10.2019

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Street Guide Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(1 days ago) Street Guide. You can't leave Kyoto without exploring it on foot. Here, discover the streets beloved by locals, the type that's hard to find in guidebooks.

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Historic Sites Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(4 days ago) Recommended model itineraries The shape of travel “Exploring the aesthetics of ancient people” 28 Feb 2020 Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden & Museum, Kyoto

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Tax-Free System in Japan Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(Just Now) Tax exemptions are available on; electric appliances, clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. Items must be purchased from the same store on the same day for a total amount of ¥5,000 or more. (Tax not included) On May 1, 2016, the minimum spending requirement was changed to an amount greater than or equal to ¥5,000. However, if general goods are

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Temples & Shrines Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(8 days ago) By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies. See our privacy policy for more information. This site uses machine translation, so content is not always accurate. Please note that translated content may differ from the original English page.

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Eat & Drink Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(8 days ago) 10 Feb 2021. [Kisshokaryo now open in front of Fushimi-Inari Station!] Discover the unique charm of kinako w 08 Dec 2020. The “new normal” of hotel buffets—a true delight! [All Day Dining “RAQOU” at The Westin Miyako 01 Dec 2020. Choose your brew right away by its label! And fall in love at first taste with Kyoto Brewing Co

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Kyoto Stock Footage Library

(2 days ago) Kyoto Stock Footage Library. The Kyoto footage library is intended to promote the tourism industry, international meetings, conferences, and incentive travel in Kyoto. It can be used primarily by international media (TV, websites, etc.), and for international meetings. Available footage includes scenery of Kyoto city, shrines and temples, and

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Web Apps & Services Kyoto City Official Travel Guide

(8 days ago) Trip Advisor is the world's largest travel platform. Explore endless reviews and opinions from travelers themselves and compare accommodation prices. Trip Advisor Website (multi-language)

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