The Latest on U.S. Travel Restrictions

Lifting the longstanding travel bans will help rejuvenate the U.S. tourism industry, which suffered a loss of $500 billion in 2020, according to …

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Help! How Do I Find a Coronavirus Test to Get Back Into

(2 days ago) Fueling that map is TrustAssure, a travel-data platform that’s now being used by several airlines, including Delta Air Lines (and other Air …

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The New World of Travel

(7 days ago) The cost of travel climbed this summer, but the Delta variant is weighing on demand. We looked into travel’s murky crystal ball to find out how prices will fare in the future.

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The U.S. Is Lifting Its Travel Ban. Who Is Allowed to

(8 days ago) “The whole travel through Mexico thing is a joke,” she said, given that contracting the coronavirus is actually more of a risk in the Cancún area than in …

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The New York Times > Theater > Excerpt: 'The New York

(1 days ago) heater criticism in daily newspapers—or at least in The New York Times—tends to run a high temperature.

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Vaccinated Travelers From Abroad Can Enter U.S. on Nov. 8

(7 days ago) The new travel system also comes with stringent requirements. Unvaccinated foreigners will be broadly barred from entering the United States, although the White House official said there will be

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‘Revenge Travel,’ Family Edition

(9 days ago) The Egozi family on their recent trip to the Bahamas. “We needed to do something big,” David Egozi said. Doubling down on fun is the trend now guiding the family travel sector in …

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Opinion Travel Tips for How Not to Be an Ugly American

(5 days ago) Sara Clemence is the former travel editor of The Wall Street Journal. Americans have long had a reputation for being terrible tourists: …

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Travel and Vacations

(8 days ago) A new plan would lift travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers from 10 countries, including the U.S., provided they test negative for the virus. By Richard C. Paddock.

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Travel Gear Wirecutter

(2 days ago) The Best Men’s and Women’s Underwear for Travel. Updated September 10, 2020. by Liz Thomas. We tested 34 pairs of travel underwear and found ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 6″ Boxer Brief

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Why Getting Tested for Covid-19 Can Include a Headache

(5 days ago) Limor Decter, a luxury travel advisor at Embark Beyond, a New York City-based agency, said that prices have dropped significantly since the beginning of the pandemic, in part because in May, the

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How Do I Show Proof of Vaccination When Traveling

(3 days ago) The steps required to travel: Here are tips on how to travel safely after vaccination, the current C.D.C. guidelines on vaccinated travel and how to keep your vaccine card safe. The cost of travel

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How to Give ‘Small Travel’ a Try

(1 days ago) Anne Day. I’m the travel editor at The New York Times. Last week I unplugged and took a relaxing vacation 15 minutes from home. Here’s how I did it and what my trip looked like →

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The U.S. travel industry welcomes the Biden administration

(1 days ago) The 18-month travel ban on travelers from Europe, China, Iran, South Africa, Brazil and India has been crippling for the industry, which suffered a $500 billion loss in travel expenditures in 2020

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Why Your Next Trip Might Be More Expensive Than Your Last

(2 days ago) Earlier this summer, travel’s comeback, especially strong in domestic leisure locations, meant travelers often paid more for flights, resorts and rental cars. But …

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U.S. Travel Ban To Be Lifted From Vaccinated Travelers

(5 days ago) Tourism officials in New York City welcomed the news on Monday that restrictions on travel to the United States by those fully vaccinated against the coronavirus would be eased in November. It was

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The Best Travel Accessories Wirecutter

(5 days ago) The Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit is the only travel kit we found that had objectively high-quality thread and scissors—ones small enough to survive the TSA checkpoint. $25 from Purl Soho

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United Airlines earned $473 million in the third quarter

(1 days ago) 20 hours ago · United Airlines on Tuesday reported a $473 million profit for the three months ending in September, underscoring the resilience of air travel demand during the spread of the Delta variant of the

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The Future of Travel

(7 days ago) The Future of Travel. How the industry will change after the pandemic. By every measure, the coronavirus pandemic has decimated the travel industry. The images of the world’s shutdown are eerie

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The Best Travel Strollers Reviews by Wirecutter

(5 days ago) The Best Travel Strollers. We tested nine travel strollers, logging more than 130 miles over three months, and had four families take …

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As International Travel Returns, Confusion Over

(1 days ago) When Turkey was taken off Britain’s red list for travel last month, Sally Morrow, an English expatriate living in the Turkish capital of Ankara, rushed to …

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Travel Accessories and Gear Wirecutter

(4 days ago) Travel; Gear; Whether you're preparing for an international trekking expedition or just trying to sleep better on red-eye flights, our field …

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Travel's Back. And It Smells Like Marijuana.

(4 days ago) Opinion among travelers is split. Among those who have traveled in the last six months, about 12 percent said cannabis legalization had a positive impact on their travel and about five percent

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U.S. Visitors Face New Travel Restrictions in Europe

(8 days ago) France has no travel restrictions on American visitors, but a “health pass,” based on testing or proof of vaccination, is needed to access cultural venues, restaurants or …

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Longer, Slower, Farther: Savoring the Prospects of Future

(4 days ago) In the travel lull induced by the pandemic, many people are planning ambitious, once-in-a-lifetime trips. Optimists are targeting 2021. For others, their next big trip will be in 2022.

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What is 'Trip Stacking

(7 days ago) After a summer in which travel accelerated rapidly, nearly reaching prepandemic numbers, fall is looking like the season of uncertainty. …

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Move Over, Sustainable Travel. Regenerative Travel Has

(4 days ago)Travel is an important vote of your principles,” said Mr. Baker of OneSeed. “When you decide to put your time and resources into a trip, you’re affirming that’s the type of business you

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Queen ‘Reluctantly’ Cancels Trip, Citing Medical Advice

(5 days ago) 6 hours ago · Britain’s 95-year-old monarch will not travel to Northern Ireland but is “in good spirits,” Buckingham Palace said. By Shashank Bengali LONDON — Queen Elizabeth II has canceled a trip to

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The 6 Best Travel Backpacks 2021 Reviews by Wirecutter

(4 days ago) The Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Pack and the identical (but sized for smaller torsos) Fairview 55 Travel Pack are lightweight, easy-to-carry, full-featured travel backpacks with …

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The Best Travel Mug for 2021 Reviews by Wirecutter

(9 days ago) The Zojirushi SM-SC Stainless Steel Mug is an exceptional vacuum insulated travel mug that keeps beverages hot for hours, even in cold environments. It has a well …

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How Biden’s Economic Executive Order Aims to Improve Travel

(5 days ago) “Air travel is a vital American industry that has withstood a hard period, and travelers deserve to have their lives, their rights, and …

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Why Most Europeans Still Can't Travel to the U.S.

(5 days ago) The European Union and the United States banned travel in both directions soon after, and the two were separated for six months, Ms. Murray said. She was the …

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Travelpro Luggage 2021 Reviews by Wirecutter

(8 days ago) Travelpro Platinum Elite is our most loyal travel companion. A successful trip begins with excellent luggage, and the Travelpro Platinum Elite has been our favorite carry-on for nearly seven years

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Gauging the Prospects for International Travel

(6 days ago) Air Travel. In April 2019, there were about 1,400 international routes served by direct flights, according to John Grant, a senior analyst at …

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Covid Vaccine Card: What You Need to Know

(5 days ago) As vaccinations become more widely available for people in the United States and travel starts picking up, many people have started sharing their vaccination cards on social media as prized new

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For Families in Europe, U.S. Travel Ban’s End Is a New

(4 days ago) The travel ban had not been a mere inconvenience, for Ms. Wait and countless others: It crushed jobs and dashed opportunities and put an immovable wall between them and families or partners.

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‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and Travel

(8 days ago) By Diane Daniel. April 29, 2016. Elizabeth Gilbert has written several best-selling books of fiction and nonfiction, but she is best known …

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The New Travel Document: Photograph of an Empty Plane

(1 days ago) The story of air travel’s shutdown can be told in numbers. Helane Becker, managing director and senior airline analyst at Cowen, an investment bank, estimates between 40 and 60 percent of United

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36 Hours in Berlin

(6 days ago) On Nov. 9, 1989, the East German government made a surprising announcement: It was easing up travel restrictions on its citizens. East Berliners flocked to the nearest border crossings at the

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