Travel & Tourism National Restaurant Association

Travel and tourism is closely tied to the success of restaurants and essential to the economy and American jobs. About one in four restaurant-industry sales dollars is directly related to travel and tourism. The effect is most significant in the fine-dining sector, where travel

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Turn your restaurant into a tourist destination National

(4 days ago) Boost your sales this summer by attracting more tourists to your restaurant. Travelers spend more than $220 billion annually on foodservice in the United States, according to the U.S. Travel Association. On average, tourism accounts for about a third of fine-dining sales and almost a fourth of casual-dining sales, according to Association research.

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Travel ban National Restaurant Association

(3 days ago) Travel and tourism from foreign visitors plays a vital role in our economy, especially in growing the restaurant industry. As the Trump Administration continues to work toward the difficult and important task of securing our borders and reforming our immigration system, we strongly urge them to consider the negative impacts any Executive Order

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Tourism-related sales fell short for most restaurants this

(5 days ago) For most restaurants, the 2021 summer travel season fell short of pre-pandemic levels. In the tourism-dependent fine dining segment, 62% of operators said their sales from travelers and visitors during the June – August 2021 period were down from pre-COVID levels. Only 13% reported sales that surpassed comparable pre-pandemic levels.

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Travel Discounts

(7 days ago) Discounts available for travel between May 16-25, 2018. By Rail: Amtrak offers a 10% discount off the best available rail fare to Chicago, IL between May 16-May 25, 2018 for the Restaurant Revenue Growth Conference. To book your reservation call Amtrak at (800) 872-7245 or contact your local travel agent. Conventions cannot be booked via Internet.

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Immigration Reform National Restaurant Association

(4 days ago) Travel and tourism drives approximately one-fifth of all restaurant sales and boosts economic activity across all sectors. Provide a pathway to legalization. More than 11 million undocumented individuals are living and working in the United States. Many are paying taxes and contributing to the economy and their communities.

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AHLEI Modernizes Hospitality and Tourism Management

(3 days ago) Orlando (April 6, 2021) – Today, the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) released a modernized version of its Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) education curriculum. Designed for use in high schools, the second edition textbook includes significant changes to meet the needs of secondary-level programs and provide a more engaging preparation for students

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Regional Travel Partners

(8 days ago) NEW ZEALAND Business World Travel Level 5, 187 Broadway P.O. Box 99-088 Auckland, New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 529 3700 Fax: +64 9 529 2855 Contact: Grant Bevin [email protected] PORTUGAL Exposé Viagens & Turismo Lda.

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How to market your restaurant without spending any money

(2 days ago) Your chef could talk about how you’re preparing fan-favorite dishes that travel well for pickup and delivery. Marketing is the creative process of attracting potential customers to your business. It involves anticipating, identifying, and satisfying customers' needs and wants, convincing the audience that your business is the best solution

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What We Stand For National Restaurant Association

(5 days ago) Hospitality Travel Industry Letter Leases . On March 31st, the National Restaurant Association joined other national hospitality trade associations in sending a letter to governors and mayors across the country encouraging them to take action on emergency commercial rent relief. Association State and Local Guidance on COVID-19

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Getting on the map with tourists National Restaurant

(9 days ago) Modern travel is an immersive, sensory experience. Tourists want to discover new experiences, and those include new foods and new kinds of restaurants. Younger consumers, especially, want a culinary taste of place in order to get a sense of place. They want to eat like the locals.

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Tourism-related spending in restaurants fell sharply in

(5 days ago) With both personal and business travel significantly curtailed, tourism-related spending in restaurants fell sharply in recent months. In the fine dining segment, travelers and visitors were responsible for only 19% of sales during the June – November 2020 period.

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State of the Restaurant Industry report measures virus

(9 days ago) The National Restaurant Association’s 2021 State of the Restaurant Industry report addresses the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry, documents the altered operational landscape, and captures consumer sentiment, influences and intentions for the coming months.

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State Restaurant Association Directory

(8 days ago) Alaska Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant & Retailers Association Phone: (907) 274-8133 Fax: (907) 274-8640 1503 W. 31st Ave. Ste. 202 Anchorage, AK 99503

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2020 was a year unlike any other for the foodservice

(6 days ago) items had to travel well and be what customers craved. Expect menus to stay trimmed in coming months. 2. a third of fine dining Off-premises takes precedence Prior to the pandemic, 80% of fullservice restaurant traffic was on-premises. Then in March 2020, most restaurants were forced to shut down on-premises dining. In what’s likely

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Looking back to move forward: Association shares top 10

(8 days ago) Selections also had to travel well and satisfy customers’ cravings. Off-premises foodservice takes precedence Before the pandemic, 80% of fullservice restaurant traffic was on-premises, but everything changed in March 2020, when restaurants were forced to shut down and quickly shift to takeout and delivery only.

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How important is innovation to you

(1 days ago) It’s changing the way we look at the items we’re developing: how they’re going to travel and hold. Leon Chen: Delivery affects us a little differently because it’s part of the product we sell. We deliver cookies warm, but sometimes third-party delivery purchases already-made cookies rather than wait for us to bake them. Then we get a

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Virginia and others are rocking pandemic relief to

(7 days ago) Thanks to the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association, Richmond, Va., hospitality businesses in Virginia are getting more pandemic relief in the form of state, county and local grants and programs designed specifically for them.

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6 best practices for restaurant delivery, especially

(5 days ago) Fine-tune timing. What delivery drivers dread is waiting while the order is prepared and packaged for travel. If you’re consistently slow, drivers might choose to collect orders from more timely competitors. Package delivery orders properly.

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Reports National Restaurant Association

(3 days ago) Find additional reports and research in our Bookstore. 2021 State of the Restaurant Industry Mid-Year Update A mid-year assessment of sales, jobs, operation costs, and consumer sentiment.

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Analysis and Commentary National Restaurant Association

(4 days ago) January 25, 2021. 2021 Economic Outlook: The long road to recovery continues. While the national economy is projected to register healthy growth in 2021, the labor market isn’t expected to fully recover until 2022. January 15, 2021. Restaurant sales fell to their lowest level since June.

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(Just Now) prohibited unless travel is to support critical infrastructure; or for critical personal needs,” effective March 28, 2020 at 8:00am. The mandate will be reevaluated by April 11, 2020. Mandate 012 prohibits personal travel except as necessary to meet critical personal needs or work in critical infrastructure jobs.

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Association Unveils Restaurant Industry 2030 Report

(4 days ago) WASHINGTON D.C. — Today the National Restaurant Association, in partnership with American Express and Nestlé Professional, released its 10-year outlook report on the projected state of the restaurant industry in 2030.The report, “Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future,” examines the key indicators shaping the future of the industry, identifies the most and least

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Hospitality industry turnover rate ticked higher in 2018

(5 days ago) The overall turnover rate in the restaurants-and-accommodations* sector was 74.9 percent in 2018, up from a rate of 72.5 percent in 2017. The 2018 turnover rate represented the highest level since the Great Recession, after falling to a cyclical low of 57.1 percent in 2010. Although it rose in recent years, the turnover rate remains below the

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Total restaurant industry sales National Restaurant

(7 days ago) Eating and drinking places* registered total sales of $72.0 billion on a seasonally-adjusted basis in August, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Census Bureau. That was essentially unchanged from July’s downward-revised sales volume, and came on the heels of five consecutive months of robust growth. The August sales report confirms a

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2021 Economic Outlook: The long road to recovery continues

(8 days ago) The labor market will continue to recover over the course of 2021, with job growth picking up speed as the availability and distribution of the vaccine becomes more widespread. The National Restaurant Association expects the national economy to add a net 5.2 million jobs between December 2020 and December 2021, with 70% of those gains coming in

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State and Local Mask Mandates and COVID-19 Related

(1 days ago) of rules on masks/social distancing, large gatherings, restaurants/bars, personal services, gyms, and travel that are tied to the city’s current risk level. Under the ordinance, Juneau’s disease situation can be classified as Fully Open, Minimal, Moderate, High, or Very High, and each classification connects to required mitigation measures.

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Restaurant Industry 2030 National Restaurant Association

(8 days ago) Present-day predictions set you up for future success. The National Restaurant Association has been at work consulting industry experts, conducting research and compiling the drivers that will shape the restaurant industry in the next 10 years. We present a big-picture outlook on the economy, the workforce, and consumer of the future; share a

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6 ways menus may change due to coronavirus National

(3 days ago) To that end, menus will likely veer toward dishes that travel well. “The new menus will have a focus on what is transportable as consumers’ demand for curbside, delivery, drive-thru and any other form of pick-up continues,” says Karen Malody, FCSI, …

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Industry professionals share stories for Black History

(7 days ago) Travel, if you have the opportunity, to learn and experience different food cultures, and work in a restaurant to understand management and operations. A lot goes into getting the food that ends up on the customer’s plate. Each step in the process has to be carefully considered and the details are critical in delivering the best experience

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Newsletters National Restaurant Association

(3 days ago) Restaurant Innovation SmartBrief: A weekly snapshot of technology and innovation trends within the restaurant industry, with news from The Wall Street Journal, and other leading sources. Subscribe. @WeRRestaurants: The latest news from the National Restaurant Association, published every other Thursday. Subscribe.

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(9 days ago) travel guidance. Ask them to notify you if they have been to, or plan to travel to, an area identified as representing a particular concern. Develop (or engage your current) pandemic PLANNING TASK FORCE and review this checklist 1. 3. 4. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and

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ServSafe expands training program with remote-proctored

(7 days ago) He cited convenience, lack of travel and reduced costs as benefits of the program’s online component. Nevertheless, there are challenges that still need addressing, including the need for private spaces so students can take the exams uninterrupted, and access to technology and the Internet.

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How to maximize your tax credit and incentives

(1 days ago) commerce, travel, or group meetings due to COVID-19. Suspension of Business A business is deemed to be fully or partially suspended if an appropriate governmental authority imposes restrictions on the business’s operations causing the business to be: a. Fully suspended – Must cease all operations b.

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North African food global cuisine trend National

(3 days ago) At The Corner Restaurant in Milford, Conn., guests can “travel” the globe every morning, with breakfast specialties like “Spiced Indian Duck Tortilla,” “Malaysian Spiced Pulled Pork Special” and “African Hash. The casual restaurant has been serving international breakfast flavors for years, but more restaurants are expected to

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How to stay health-care compliant as a small business

(4 days ago) If an employee returns from travel, you may ask questions about his or her exposure during the trip. All symptoms would be subject to ADA confidentiality requirements. 2) Protect employees’ information under HIPAA

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Tips for successful takeout National Restaurant Association

(4 days ago) Train staff to complete their tasks correctly and efficiently the first time. Check for accuracy during and after order production. Ensure the food is what the customer wanted. Verify that every item the customer expects is present, including bread, sides, napkins and utensils. Whenever possible, go over the order with the customer at the point

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Restaurant Industry 2030 report predicts much older labor

(Just Now) The numbers don’t lie …. According to the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future, there will be about 1.2 million fewer 16- to 24-year-olds in the labor force by 2028 to fill those 17 million jobs. This is significant because that group today represents up to 40% of the industry’s

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Show Floor New England Food Show

(8 days ago) Travel Information. Air Discounts; Local Transportation & Parking; Go. The Toast. Join us at the official after-party of the New England Food Show for an evening of food, fun, and star-studded live entertainment. Celebrate in style at Westin Waterford Hotel immediately following the closing of the New England Food Show on Sunday, March 3. Stand

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Restaurant Revitalization Fund Webinar with SBA (DC

(9 days ago) This webinar is co-hosted by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, the Virginia Restaurant Lodging, and Travel Association, the Restaurant Association of Maryland, and the National Restaurant Association. Speakers. Aaron Frazier Director of Healthcare and Tax Policy National Restaurant Association. Kathy Hollinger President & CEO

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Jesus Daza brings a little bit of Cuba to Miami National

(4 days ago) Though he originally set out to attract tourists to Miami, he and his son turned 8 Burger into a takeout-and-delivery-only operation when the pandemic hit and travel stopped. He re-engineered the menu, created value bundles, and lowered prices to attract more local customers.

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Conference RRGC May 20-21, 2018 Home

(8 days ago) Travel Discounts; Transform your top-line revenue strategy. The Restaurant Revenue Growth Conference will kick-start your creative strategic thinking through collaboration, insights from innovative change makers, and conversations with your peers. Go home with actionable strategies that you can use to shape the future of your business.

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March 31, 2020 The Honorable Larry Hogan Chair, National

(6 days ago) losses already taking place in the hospitality and travel sectors. Among the immediate steps to consider, an emergency forbearance and rent abatement program would preserve the ability of hospitality and travel dependent businesses to survive the travel restrictions and business closures mandated by many states and local governments.

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Healthy bowls strike it big in What's Hot 2020 chef survey

(5 days ago) Whether hot or chilled, they travel well and are ideal for takeout and delivery occasions. Healthy bowls, those delicious, customized meals combining all sorts of greens, lean proteins, whole grains, legumes, squash, berries, seeds and other flavorful power foods, came in fifth out of 133 menu trends ranked in the National Restaurant

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Conference RRGC May 20-21, 2018 RRGC May 20-21, 2018

(4 days ago) If you have a question about any of the programming and events as part of the Restaurant Revenue Growth Conference, please call (312) 853-2525. If you have a registration inquiry, email [email protected] or call (800) 967-4590 (domestic callers) or +1 (240) 439-2968 (international callers).

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