USA Travel Guide Places to visit in the United States

The opportunities for adventure travel in the USA are all but endless, whether your tastes run towards whitewater rafting down the Colorado River, mountain biking in the volcanic Cascades, canoeing down the headwaters of the Mississippi River, horseback riding …

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25 of the best reasons to travel – as written by you

(4 days ago) 13. I love to travel because it’s when I feel most alive. It is a time when I’m inspired to seek new adventures, to explore, to make new memories of fun at the beach, to discover the simple joys of nature and everything around me and to bring a renewed interest in life. – by Andy Haverson on Facebook

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The USA Travel Essentials Essential information and

(6 days ago) In addition, SATH, the Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality, in New York (212 447 7284,, is a not-for-profit travel-industry group of travel agents, tour operators, hotel and airline management, and people with disabilities. They pass on any enquiry to the appropriate member, though you should allow plenty of time for a response.

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50 Inspirational travel quotes Rough Guides Rough …

(7 days ago) Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Samuel Langhorne Clemens (that's right, Mark Twain was a pseudonym) was a novelist, journalist, humourist and lecturer born in Florida, Missouri, USA on November 30, 1835 (and died April 21, 1910, Redding, Connecticut).

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Africa Travel Guide Places to Visit in Africa Rough Guides

(5 days ago) The Rough Guide to Africa and related travel guides. In-depth, easy-to-use travel guides filled with expert advice. BUY $2.99. BUY $2.99. BUY $2.99.

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Getting to Mexico How to travel to Mexico Rough Guides

(9 days ago) The best Mexico travel deals are usually available during the low season (November to April, excluding Christmas and New Year). Find out more about about the best time to visit Mexico. Flights from the US and Canada. From most places in North America, flying is the most convenient way to travel to Mexico.

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France Travel Guide Places to Visit in France Rough …

(5 days ago) From travel safety to visa requirements, discover the best tips for traveling to Travel Guide France. Eating and drinking in France Getting around France: Transportation Tips Travel Tips France for planning and on the go How to get to France Outdoor activities Shopping tips for France

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India Travel Guide Places to Visit in India Rough Guides

(4 days ago) Travel safety in India. Travel in India is, generally speaking, safe for visitors. As expected anywhere, a tourist may be more susceptible to petty thefts and scams, but common sense and a …

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Bali Travel Guide What to do in Bali Rough Guides

(3 days ago) Travel to Bali has never been more rewarding, with an intoxicating mix of beautiful beaches, lush countryside, rich cultural heritage and independent shops. Best time to visit Bali. The whole Indonesian archipelago is tropical, so the weather in Bali is blissfully warm year round. However, the year divides into a wet and dry season, though it

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Puglia Travel Guide What to do in Puglia Rough Guides

(1 days ago) Discover the best places to visit in Puglia with our travel guide. Bari. Southern Italy’s second city and a university town, Bari is a pleasant place to visit, and relatively undisturbed by mass tourism. The regenerated old city makes for good exploring, and thankfully petty thieving is not as common as you may have been led to believe.

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Croatia Travel Guide Places to Visit in Croatia Rough

(6 days ago) The information below is from The Rough Guide to Croatia, our in-depth Croatia travel guide - check it out for your all your Croatia travel needs.. Travel Facts about Croatia. Language: Croatian is the official language, spoken by around 95 percent of the population.

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Spain Itineraries

(6 days ago) Spain is a vast and varied country, and you can't cover all of it in a single trip. Our Grand Tour concentrates on Spain's major cities and outstanding sights, while our other suggested routes focus on two fascinating regions, one in the south, one in the north.

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Getting to Brazil How to travel to Brazil Rough Guides

(9 days ago) The best deals are available from budget or student travel agents in Ireland, but it’s also worth contacting specialist agents in England for cheap fares, an unusual route or a package. Other ticket options. Several airlines offer stopovers to or from Brazil at no extra cost.

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Portugal Travel Guide Places to Visit in Portugal

(7 days ago) The information that follows is from The Rough Guide to Portugal, our in-depth Portugal travel guide - check it out for your all your Portugal travel needs.. Travel Facts about Portugal. Language - Portuguese, which has ten unique dialects. Currency - the Euro (€) Geography - including the perimeter of its islands, Portugal boasts 1793 kilometres of coastline.

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The Peloponnese Travel Guide What to do in The

(1 days ago) Plan your visit to The Peloponnese, Greece: find out where to go and what to do in The Peloponnese with Rough Guides. Read about itineraries, activities, places to stay and travel essentials and get inspiration from the blog in the best guide to The Peloponnese.

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Morocco Travel Guide Places to Visit in Morocco Rough

(6 days ago) Morocco travel facts. Size and location: Located on the northwest coast of Africa, Morocco is slightly smaller than France and Spain, and slightly larger than the US state of California at 446,550 square kilometres (722,550 sq km including the Western Sahara). Population:37 million. Religion: Nearly 99 percent of Moroccans are Muslim, with 1 percent Christian and a tiny minority (an …

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Getting to Cuba How to travel to Cuba Rough Guides

(7 days ago) Obtaining permission to travel to Cuba. US citizens travelling to Cuba, no matter how they get there, must qualify for a “licence to travel”. The stipulations for obtaining a licence have changed several times in the last fifteen years in the ongoing tug-of-war between the US government’s conservative and liberal factions over the provisions and enforcement of the embargo, so it’s

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Mindoro Travel Guide What to do in Mindoro Rough Guides

(8 days ago) Mindoro Occidental. Aside from a few intrepid wildlife enthusiasts and divers around Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental remains wonderfully undiscovered, and travellers with flexible travel plans and a penchant for bumpy jeepney rides will have their efforts rewarded with wild jungly mountains, remote beaches, and maybe meeting a few of the local Mangyan people along the way.

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Andalusia Travel Guide What to do in Andalucía Rough

(4 days ago) Plan your visit to Andalusia, Spain: find out where to go and what to do in Andalusia with Rough Guides. Read about itineraries, activities, places to stay and travel essentials and get inspiration from the blog in the best guide to Andalusia.

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The Rhône valley Travel Guide What to do in The Rhône

(2 days ago) The Rhône valley Travel Guide. The Rhône valley stretches down from the compelling city of Lyon, the second-biggest city in France, to just north of Orange, in Provence. The north–south route of ancient armies, medieval traders and modern rail and road, the valley has experienced some industralization, but this has done little to affect the

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Switzerland Travel Guide Places to Visit in Switzerland

(Just Now) Switzerland. Ticino. Switzerland. Liechtenstein. Switzerland. Of the northern German-speaking cities, Zürich has tons of sightseeing and nightlife and provides easy access to the tiny principality of Liechtenstein. Basel and the capital, Bern, are quieter, each with an attractive historic core, while Luzern lies in an appealing setting of

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The Great Plains Travel Guide What to do in The Great

(5 days ago) The Great Plains Travel Guide. The rolling hills and vast grasslands of the Great Plains have been home to adventurers, artists and outlaws for centuries, from great Sioux warriors Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull to Jesse James and Mark Twain. Stretching west through Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota, the

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Dubai Travel Guide Places to Visit in Dubai Rough Guides

(5 days ago) Dubai is like nowhere else on the planet and is a fascinating place to visit. Often claimed to be the world’s fastest-growing city, over the past four decades it has metamorphosed from a small Gulf trading centre to become one of the world’s most glamorous, spectacular and futuristic urban destinations, fuelled by a heady cocktail of petrodollars, visionary commercial acumen and naked

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A First Timer's Guide To The Hawaiian Islands 2021 Rough

(6 days ago) A beginner's guide to the Hawaiian islands. ROUGHGUIDES.COM / BLOG / A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. written by Joanne Owen. updated 8/30/2021. With six major freely visitable Hawaiian islands - Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii (aka Big Island), Lanai and Molokai - the million dollar question for anyone looking to visit Hawaii is which one

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Chile Itineraries

(6 days ago) Chile Itinerary 1 - The grand tour - 3 weeks. Allow at least three weeks if you wish to cover Chile from top to bottom; flying between some of the destinations will allow you to cover vast distances quickly. 1. Atacama desert.

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China Travel Guide Places to Visit in China Rough Guides

(4 days ago) While travel around the country itself is the easiest it has ever been, it would be wrong to pretend that it is an entirely simple matter to penetrate modern China. The main tourist highlights – the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army and the Yangzi gorges – are relatively few considering the vast size of the country, and

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Best time to visit India Best Time of Year for

(5 days ago) Festivals also play a big part in deciding when to travel to India, with multiple religious festivals celebrated at different times of the year, across the country. Read below for our guide on the best times to visit India and its main attractions. Climate in India.

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Travel Guide Albania Where to go and what to do in

(6 days ago) Travel to Albania with Rough Guides: find the best places to travel, activities, itineraries, where to stay and travel tips in our Albania travel guide

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A first-timer’s guide to Kazakhstan Rough Guides

(1 days ago) The best times to travel are in spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when temperatures are moderate. In July and August it’s hot, hot, hot (reaching 40°C), while in winter the temperature hits a serious low: think -43°C at the chilliest.

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Mauritius Travel Guide Places to Visit in Mauritius

(8 days ago) Travel Guide Mauritius. Lying 800km east of Madagascar, Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands, a volcanic chain extending as far as the Seychelles. Fringed by 160km of sandy beaches and an azure sea, with a backdrop of rugged peaks and shimmering sugar cane, this pear-shaped tropical island is a dream holiday destination. An islander once

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Getting around India How to get around in India Rough

(9 days ago) The pass is designed for nationwide travel, so if you only use it, say, between Delhi, Agra and the cities of Rajasthan, you won’t be getting your money’s worth. It does, however, save you queuing for tickets, allow you to make and cancel reservations without charge and generally smooths your way in.

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The Philippines Travel Essentials Essential information

(4 days ago) Many travel agents in tourist areas such as Malate in Manila and Boracay offer a visa extension service, saving you the hassle of visiting immigration centres. Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to use one of the fixers that hang around immigration offices, particularly in Manila.

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Delhi Travel Guide What to do in Delhi Rough Guides

(Just Now) Related tailor-made travel itineraries for India. 13 days from 1593 USD. A Trek Through Ladakh's Markha Valley. 9 days from 1381 USD. North India Explored: From Delhi to Shimla. 15 days from 3430 USD. Indian Wildlife Safari. 10 days from 2000 USD. India: from the …

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The BC Interior Travel Guide What to do in The BC

(2 days ago) Nelson is the key spot, slightly peripheral to the Kootenays’ rugged core, but a lovely place, and one of the few provincial towns with real attractions in its own right. Smaller, more relaxed, lakeside towns, notably Kaslo and Nakusp, make excellent bases for excursions into mountain scenery that has a pristine quality rarely found elsewhere.

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Getting around Italy How to get around in Italy Rough

(9 days ago) Tickets for bus travel. Buy tickets before you travel from the bus station ticket office, or on the bus itself. On longer hauls, you can try to buy them in advance online direct from the bus company. To get off, ask Posso scendere? “The next stop” is la prossima fermata. Costs. City buses are always cheap, usually costing around €1.20.

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Mindanao Travel Guide What to do in Mindanao Rough Guides

(9 days ago) Plan your visit to Mindanao, Philippines: find out where to go and what to do in Mindanao with Rough Guides. Read about itineraries, activities, places to stay and travel essentials and get inspiration from the blog in the best guide to Mindanao.

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Peru Travel Guide Top places and activities in Peru

(3 days ago) The potential for adventure and discovery in Peru is boundless. Packed with practical information and inspiring ideas, our Peru travel guide has everything you need to make the most of your trip. If you'd like to be more hands-on with a travel guide book, check out the Rough Guide to Peru. Peru Travel

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Getting around Mexico How to get around in Mexico

(Just Now) Books. In this section, we’ll look at how best to travel around Mexico. Bear in mind the distances between key destinations can be huge, and journeys by public transport can be very long. Getting from Tijuana to Mexico City, for example, can take nearly two days nonstop by bus. Although public transport at ground level is frequent and

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Dongbei Travel Guide What to do in Dongbei Rough Guides

(2 days ago) Plan your visit to Dongbei, China: find out where to go and what to do in Dongbei with Rough Guides. Read about itineraries, activities, places to stay and travel essentials and get inspiration from the blog in the best guide to Dongbei.

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