Top Women Leaders in the Hospitality Industry SOEGJOBS

It is impossible to list all the influential leaders of the hospitality and travel industry in one post. We have, however, provided resources that lists a lot of these influential ladies of the hotel industry and the hospitality industry on the whole. As one of the Key hotel industry facts, the industry is a rare one with a great gender balance

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Top Tourism and Hospitality Associations and

(3 days ago) The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) The GBTA is the world’s premier business travel association. This is probably the biggest association for the hospitality and tourism industry that manages close to $350 Bn of global business travel expenditures across six continents.

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An Overview of the Hospitality Industry in the USA SOEGJOBS

(9 days ago) Overall ‘hospitality and travel industry’ is said to have directly generated close to $3 Trillion globally as per estimates. Out of this, the hospitality and tourism market of the USA is the largest contributor by generating close to 600 US$. Indirectly the hospitality industry of the US is said to have generated close to $1 Trillion in

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Top 25 Hospitality companies in the USA SOEGJOBS

(8 days ago) This tour and travel company based in New York organises tours and travels to more than 60 countries worldwide. Operating in Luxury hospitality sector, this company that opened in 2003 has made rapid strides since its inception. Artisans of Leisure is known for their customization prowess for a better experience of their luxury audience.

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Most Important Customer Touch Points in the Hospitality

(9 days ago) 3. Creating delight during Check-in (Hotels, Travel, Restaurants) This is one of the most important customer touch points in the hospitality industry. It is the first real face to face encounter. Hospitality businesses should make the most of it ensure customer’s best attention span.

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J-1 Visa USA For Hospitality Professionals

(4 days ago) Over 300,000 international visitors travel to the USA on J-1 Visa programs. Over 200 countries participate in this program; 54% of the exchange visitors on J-1 visa program are girls; Over 85% of the exchange visitors are 30 years or younger in age

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Hospitality Businesses Post Covid-19 Tips to Bounce Back

(2 days ago) Hospitality and travel industry has seen maximum growth across industries in the last few decades. This pandemic has shaken the strong foundation of this gigantic industry. In this article, we have discussed some of the tips that can help hospitality businesses bounce back post-Covid.

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What Makes a Luxury Hotel

(Just Now) Food is an important part of both business and luxury travel. Luxury hotels have an extremely diverse crowd and thus multiple Restaurants are a must. A perfect romantic dinner date, a sumptuous breakfast, a perfect lunch is what you would remember the …

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Types of Hotels and Hotel Rooms

(1 days ago) The hotel industry is an integral and indispensable part of the ever-growing hospitality and travel industry. In this post, we have listed the different types of hotels and various types of hotel rooms. At times the travellers get confused on the number of options they find on various travel websites regarding hotels, hotel rooms.

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25 Astonishing Facts about the Hospitality Industry SOEGJOBS

(4 days ago) Travel and Tourism alone contributed over 7.6 Trillion USD in 2016. The unofficial figure should have easily gone beyond $10 trillion in 2019 when other sub-industries are combined. Also, read: Stastia– Facts about Tourism and Global Hotel Industry. Different sectors of the Hospitality Industry

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12 Best Paying Jobs in the Hospitality Industry SOEGJOBS

(8 days ago) Best customer experience is the motto while you need to be able to create a rewarding travel experience overall and also sell products. Salary is attractive while the perks are unlimited. According to the list on job site monster, Cabin Crews made in excess of $50,500 each year.

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Top 10 Innovation in the Hospitality Industry SOEGJOBS

(4 days ago) Best Travel Websites around the world are making the best out of this concept which has made the travellers the true winners through the innovation tide. When it comes to top innovation in the hospitality industry, location-based services are making waves with guests.

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14 Top Hospitality Blogs and Online Magazines in 2020

(3 days ago) 9. Travel and Leisure . For those who love travel (and that covers the globe :)), this hospitality and travel blog does a heck of a job. It has an amazing collection of information and resources for travel and hotels. From places to best Trip ideas, you will find it all here. Explore more about Travel and leisure at their website here. 10.

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Tips for Success in Hospitality Industry in the Post Covid

(2 days ago) The travel industry is set to bounce back once the economy reopens and Covid pandemic disappears. You need to be ready to take up prized jobs and LinkedIn is going to be your main tool. Be job-ready by knowing the tips and tricks of LinkedIn job search. Do things like:

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A Quick Journey to Future of the Hospitality Industry

(8 days ago) 35-45% of travel agencies use social media for bookings. 40-45% of people use mobile phones for payment of hospitality costs. Mostly in restaurants. Within the hospitality industry, 35-45% of the bookings occurred online in 2018. To engage with customers, 90% of the hospitality industries are utilising social media.

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SWOT Analysis of the Hotel Industry

(4 days ago) Changing travel patterns: Consumer behaviour is changing. Augmented reality and Virtual reality is giving consumers options to enjoy travel without much of travelling. This can directly impact the lodging industry. Pandemics: COVID pandemic is a recent example of how pandemics can be a threat of the hotel and hospitality industry overall.

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Hospitality Career Paths All Job Types, Options

(1 days ago) The Travel sector is huge as well along with Cruises and the entertainment industry. Yes, the opportunities are limitless. If you are a sales professional searching for a career path in the hospitality industry, you would probably be at one of these job posts.

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Why Should Students pursue hospitality education even

(8 days ago) Why Hospitality Industry is set to bounce back stronger. As per the reports of Barclays Bank, nearly 32% of consumers are willing to spend more on luxuries and 28% consumers in United Kingdom have enjoyed going out more than before the lockdown.. This is an impressive figure. People love to travel or a lot say that ‘people live to travel’.

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Hotel Management Vs Hospitality Management Key

(Just Now) Travel Trade ; Tourism Services ; Food and Beverages ; Casinos; Timeshare; Cruises; Aviation; These are clubbed together to form 5 major sectors of the hospitality industry that includes the hotel industry as a sub sector. Hospitality management is the supervision of the daily managerial, functional, and promotional activities in the field of

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Top Hospitality Companies in India SOEGJOBS

(3 days ago) It is definitely the most talked-about hotel and travel startup in recent years. Now let’s discuss a bit more about why it deserves to be in this list of top hospitality companies in India. It is the fastest-growing hospitality company of leased and franchised hotel. Oyo Rooms is the third-largest hotel chain in the world.

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10 Most Unusual Hotel Industry Jobs SOEGJOBS

(4 days ago) The Travel & Hospitality Industry has all the jobs in the book to offer and also a few unusual jobs which can’t be found in books. Let’s explore a …

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Smart Hotels Explored and Explained Hotels of the Future

(8 days ago) Virtual reality travel experience from room; Virtual Concierge; App-based services on and off hotel premises; and many more such features to ensure customers have a hassle-free and pleasant stay. Smart hotels work and rely on a few crucial things like the interaction of Galileo board, bay trail server and app on the smartphone. Examples of

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10 Best Culinary Schools In Europe SOEGJOBS

(4 days ago) 10. Promenades Gourmandes with Paule Caillet in Paris. Last but not least in the list of top culinary schools of Europe is Promenades Gourmandes with Paule Caillet. It is located on the land of fragrances, Paris, France. This one school does not offer accommodation to the students.

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Blockchain For Hospitality Industry

(7 days ago) Integration of database with payment providers and online travel agency has improved tremendously and with wider adoption of blockchain, the security is set to improve multiple folds. So, customers can make online payments in an easier and more secure manner. Hospitality industry thus becomes a big beneficiary of the blockchain technology due

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Pros & Cons of Working in the Hospitality Industry SOEGJOBS

(4 days ago) According to the World Travel and Tourism Council: The Hospitality and Travel Industry employs more people than automotive, mining, financial services and manufacturing combined. 1 out of 10 jobs currently are provided through travel and tourism. 1 out of 5 new jobs is being created by the hospitality and tourism industry.

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Latest Hospitality Industry Trends in 2021 SOEGJOBS

(3 days ago) VR and AR are set to dominate as one of the latest technology trends in the travel and hospitality industry in the coming years. Japan has come up with a great Travel experience which teleports travellers to multiple global destinations. You can take a two-hour flight where you can travel around the globe in a virtual environment.

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Searching Hospitality Jobs in Canada- A Step by Step Guide

(6 days ago) Travel agent; Check our post on the Hospitality Industry Sectors to check more on this subject. Here is an interesting fact about hotel jobs in Canada. According to the Hotel Association of Canada, as per the figures of 2016, there are 8,139 hotel properties in Canada with approximately 443,000 rooms. These hotels employ close to 300,000 employees.

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7 Great Ways to Delight your Hotel Guests SOEGJOBS

(1 days ago) In the era of Airbnb and other travel market disruptors, delighting your hotel guests is no walk in the park. You need to work harder and serve better to wow today’s guests. In this article, we present 7 ways to delight your guests during hotel stays. The COVID-19 pandemic has even made it more difficult for hotels to attract and retain

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An Overview of the Hospitality Industry in Dubai SOEGJOBS

(1 days ago) The contribution of Travel and Tourism to UAE’s GDP is over 10% The emirates of Dubai saw over 14.9 Million overnight visitors in 2016 and there has been an increase till the recent downfall in 2020 due to the Pandemic.

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Best Hospitality Companies to Work for in 2021 SOEGJOBS

(7 days ago) COVID-19 pandemic has deeply hurt the hospitality and travel sector. 2020 was lost in a jiffy and so were numerous jobs. Careers took a setback and things still look gloomy for hotel industry professionals. However, 2021 is seeing the back of COVID and the …

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Hospitality Industry Recruitment Strategy and Key

(8 days ago) A lot of hotels in cosmopolitan locations and travel destinations like Dubai, Maldives, Seychelles etc. attract visitors from all around the globe. This necessitates the requirement of people from varied background to work at the hotels. Plus, the nature …

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Top Hospitality Companies in Switzerland SOEGJOBS

(3 days ago) Kuoni Group is the leading service provider to the global travel industry with a strong focus on Asia. If you belong to or aspire to be in the travel and tourism sector, an experience here will do wonders for your career prospects. This employer of over 11000 talented professionals is an all-star hospitality company in Switzerland.

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Why Innovation Management is Crucial for Hospitality

(9 days ago) Innovation Management is the key to staying competitive, especially in a very competitive market like the hospitality and travel industry. Finding the problems that consumers are currently having and looking for creative ways to solve those problems will …

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All About the Hospitality Industry in Singapore SOEGJOBS

(6 days ago) The foodservice industry, travel industry (predominantly Cruise and Aviation) and the hotel industry are all set to gain through the friendly measure the government is taking to promote the Singapore Hospitality industry. Well, we hope the beautiful island country rebounds soon from the recent slump its travel industry has experienced.

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8 Essential Skills for Hospitality Industry Career SOEGJOBS

(3 days ago) The hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has given a big blow to the travel and hospitality industry. Lots of jobs are lost and new projects derailed. To remain relevant in the post-Covid era, hospitality professionals must retain a few top skills while acquiring new hospitality skills.

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Data Analytics in the Hospitality Industry Facts and

(1 days ago) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already used in various pilot projects across the travel and hospitality industry. Artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry is already a game-changer. Data analytics in the hospitality industry is going to be another game-changer for growth strategy.

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