U.S. travel & tourism websites ranked by visit

In June 2021, was the leading travel and tourism website in the United States. During the measured period, the accommodation booking platform …

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Travel and tourism industry in the U.S.

(5 days ago) One of the most visible trends in the travel and tourism industry is the growing popularity of non-traditional accommodation options. While hotels remain a popular choice among tourists,

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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

(4 days ago) Travel, Tourism & Hospitality. Some of the key influencers on the travel and tourism industry in recent years have been globalization, digitalization, sustainability, and the coronavirus pandemic.

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Global: Travel & tourism revenue by segment 2021 Statista

(3 days ago) Worldwide travel and tourism revenue by segment 2017-2025. Published by Statista Research Department , May 25, 2021. In 2020 the revenue from the global travel and tourism market crashed due to

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Global: travel & tourism sales channel share

(2 days ago) Travel agents reporting a decrease in sales in the U.S. from 2008 to 2017 Number of tourist attractions in China 2017, by region Leading travel and …

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Impact of technology on travel and tourism

(Just Now) Among the technology trends shaping travel and tourism is cloud computing, which is used to access, manage, and store data online. According to a 2020 study, over half of European travel

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The Most Dangerous Ways to Travel

(1 days ago) The Most Dangerous Ways to Travel in the U.S. Transport by Martin Armstrong, Jun 4, 2019 Motorcycle Industry in the United States If there were …

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Most common types of leisure travel in the U.S

(2 days ago) Adventure travel planning methods worldwide as of August 2013 Airfare to the most popular 4th of July international destinations in the U.S. 2014 Italy: tourist expectations of …

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Travel and tourism in Indonesia

(9 days ago) Travel and tourism in Indonesia - statistics & facts. The tourism industry is an important part of Indonesia’s economy, contributing around four percent of its gross domestic product. The

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U.S. domestic travel spending

(9 days ago) The domestic travel spending in the United States rose gradually from 2009 to 2019, peaking at 972 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020, this was projected to …

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Travel companies: sales revenue worldwide 2019

(4 days ago) Leading travel companies worldwide 2019, by sales revenue. Published by Statista Research Department , Aug 11, 2021. According to the ranking, Expedia Group was the travel

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City trips in the U.S.

(8 days ago) The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest in the world with a total contribution to GDP of 1.57 trillion U.S. dollars in the United States alone. With travel destinations becoming

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Growth of travel expenditure in the US 2024

(3 days ago) Annual growth of travel expenditure in the U.S. 2011-2024. In 2019, the travel expenditure in the United States rose by 3.5 percent over the previous year. In …

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Online travel market worldwide

(5 days ago) Worldwide travel and tourism revenue by segment 2017-2025 Distribution of sales channels in travel & tourism 2017-2025 Market size of the global online travel agent sector 2020-2025

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Global Business Travel Industry

(9 days ago) Business travel is a branch of the tourism industry focusing on visitors who travel for business and professional purposes. According to the World Travel

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Travel agency sector market size US 2021

(Just Now) U.S. travel agency industry market size 2011-2021. The market size of the travel agency sector in the United States consistently increased in each year, reaching its highest value in …

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U.S. digital travel sales per channel 2014-2021

(3 days ago) Digital travel sales in the United States 2014-2021, by channel. Published by S. Lock , Mar 16, 2021. This timeline shows the online travel sales volume in the United States from 2014 to 2021

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Global tourism industry market size 2021

(Just Now) The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit the tourism industry hard in 2020, as governments implemented travel bans and stay-at-home measures in …

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Travel frequency of U.S. travelers 2014 Statista

(6 days ago) Travel frequency of U.S. travelers as of June 2014. Published by Statista Research Department , Jun 9, 2014. This statistic shows the travel frequency of United States travelers as of …

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Travel and tourism in Mexico

(6 days ago) Mexico is the most competitive Latin American travel destination, based on the last Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI), a method that evaluates infrastructure, policies, resources, and

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Forecast travel expenditures US 2024

(5 days ago) Forecast travel expenditures in the U.S. 2020-2024. The domestic and international travel expenditure in the United States was projected to …

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Impact on U.S. tourism spending due to COVID-19

(2 days ago) Travel spending behavior during coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy 2020 Tourism spending in Europe 2017, by travel purpose Barbados: travel spending of foreign visitors 2008-2018

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Number of travel agents US 2020

(Just Now) Number of travel agents in the United States 2015-2020. Published by S. Lock , Apr 27, 2021. As of May 2020, over 55 thousand adults were employed as travel agents in …

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Duty free and travel retail value forecast

(2 days ago) By 2027, the duty free and travel retail market was expected to reach a value of about 155.3 billion U.S. dollars. With around 45 percent of the market, Asia-Pacific held the largest share of

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German tourists: travel destination plans 2021

(6 days ago) Domestic and international travel intention in Taiwan 2019 Sexual assaults of British (UK) tourists abroad 2009-2014 Number of visits by UK holiday travelers to Europe 2011-2019

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Leading travel retailers based on turnover

(6 days ago) Dufry was the leading global travel retailer, with a turnover amounting to approximately 8.1 billion euros in 2019. Lotte Duty Free, the Shilla Duty Free, and …

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Average travel retail spending per person by region 2020

(6 days ago) According to the results of a survey done in 2019 and 2020, Asia-Pacific happened to be the leading region in average travel retail and duty free spending with 186 U.S. dollars per passenger

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Argentinians' desire to travel by generation 2021 Statista

(3 days ago) Travel intention in the next 12 months in the U.S. 2018 Expectations for holiday spending of travelers in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2014 Main holiday obstacles in Turkey in 2015

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U.S. mobile travel bookers 2016-2021, by device

(8 days ago) United States: share of mobile travel bookers 2014-2019; Growth of the online travel booking market transaction volume in China 2016-2019; Digital travel sales in …

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Indonesia: GMV online travel 2015-2025

(2 days ago) Leading travel websites in the United Kingdom (UK) in June 2015, by visitors Online travel sales in South Korea 2011-2020 Transaction value of the Chinese self-operated online travel booking 2013-2020

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COVID-19: percent change in travel sales U.S. 2020

(4 days ago) Weekly percent change in YoY travel sales due to COVID-19, by sector U.S. 2020. During the week of February 25 to March 2, 2020, airlines, cruise …

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Travel & tourism total contribution to GDP

(3 days ago) In 2020, travel and tourism, one of the most important industries for the country’s economy, contributed nearly 116 billion euros to the Italian …

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Tourism industry in China

(3 days ago) The total revenue generated by the travel and tourism industry in China amounted to around 5.7 trillion yuan as of 2019, indicating a firm growth over …

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Travel & tourism: economic impact U.S. 2008-2028

(3 days ago) Travel and tourism contribution to GDP in Portugal 2017, by type Most tourism-dependent economies in the Caribbean 2020 Number of tourism employees in …

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Chart: The UK's Covid Travel Ratings

(9 days ago) Tourism. The UK's traffic light rating system for Covid-related travel guidelines is updated regularly as the pandemic progresses and evolves. As this chart using government information shows, the

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Chart: The Varying Power of Passports

(8 days ago) Travel. Some passports afford their bearers more freedom than others. On Tuesday, Japan was once again named the country with the world's most powerful passport by the Henley Passport Index. The

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U.S. air travel by class and gender 2017

(7 days ago) Get in touch with us now. , Dec 20, 2019. This statistic presents the results of a Statista survey among Americans taken in April 2017 regarding air travel and broken down by travel class and

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Canadian outbound travel: number of visits by

(8 days ago) Leading travel destinations for Canadians 2016, by number of visits. This statistic shows the destinations which received the largest number of visits from people traveling from Canada in 2016

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Japan: desired overseas travel destinations 2019

(1 days ago) According to a survey conducted in March 2019 in Japan, Hawaii was the most desired destination of overseas travels, with around 44.4 percent of votes.

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Travel & tourism's total GDP contribution

(8 days ago) Travel and tourism's total contribution to GDP in Europe 2012-2020. Published by Statista Research Department , Apr 19, 2021. The total contribution of travel

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Leading travel agents by number of outlets UK 2021

(6 days ago) Leading travel agents by number of outlets in the United Kingdom (UK) 2021. As of July 2021, Hays Travel was the travel agent in the United Kingdom with the highest number of retail travel

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China: top travel destinations by booking

(7 days ago) The Moodie Davitt Report, Original estimation of outbound travel booking growth during Chinese New Year before coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak from January 24 …

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Top flexible office space operators in Seattle

(8 days ago) As of second quarter of 2019, WeWork was the leading flexible office space operator in Seattle, with over 1.4 million square feet space.

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Poland: outbound travel destinations 2020

(9 days ago) The structure of expenses incurred for foreign travel varied depending on the type of travel and its duration. During those trips, the largest allowance was usually spent on …

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Infographic: Zero Fatal Terror

(8 days ago) Jun 30, 2017. The Trump Administration. President Trump's revised travel ban finally came into force yesterday at 8pm ET. Entitled 'Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the

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Vacation travel behavior in Germany

(3 days ago) Travel destinations of Germans 2019, by main and second holiday trip. Distribution of long-distance travel destinations among Germans 2019-2020.

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Instagram: most-followed travel influencers U.S

(9 days ago) Published by Statista Research Department , Jun 11, 2021. This statistic presents a ranking of the most popular travel influencers in the United States on Instagram as of …

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