List Of Online Travel Agencies For Hostel Owner

If you sign up on Expedia, your hostel will be shown on more than 200 travel booking sites, including:,, Orbitz, Travelocity, Wotif,,, (not .EU), Trivago, and more. No other OTA …

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Online Travel Agencies – The Ultimate Guide For Hostels

(1 days ago) So, it comes as no surprise that travel agencies are the most popular purchase channel for hostel travelers. In fact, OTA share of total hostel bookings are expected to …

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Top 10 Hostels Worldwide – Based On Reviews – TheHostelHelper

(1 days ago) I’ve analyzed all reviews from the 22 most common online travel agencies. Furthermore, I concentrated on Hostelworld’s Hoscar winners in 2019. Hoscar winners for individual countries were neglected since they are already covered by the Hoscar winners for each continent. And you can bet your ass this wasn’t an easy task. Did you know that…

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Hostel Booking Engine – The Ultimate Guide – TheHostelHelper

(9 days ago) By the way: If you’re curious how much different online travel agencies charge in commission, you definitely want to check out my OTA guide. It lists all costs of the 18 most common online travel agencies for hostels. Moreover, it’s an effective way to become more independent of OTAs since they’re getting more popular year after year.

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21 Tips For A Hostel Website To Increase Direct Bookings

(8 days ago) To attract travel bloggers, you can make use of social media or other online resources that you can find in my article about how to hire hostel staff. If you can’t find any travel bloggers, you can outsource this task to people on That way you can get high-quality blog posts for a few bucks and without having to write a single

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23 Most Surprising Statistics About Hostels In 2020

(6 days ago) Only 7 online travel agencies are used by the majority of the top 40 hostels worldwide: #1 100% #2 98% #3 88% #4 76% #5 61% #6 56% #7 51%; Further statistics: Hostelworld is the only online travel agency used by all of the top 40 hostels worldwide

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How To Write A Hostel Business Plan + Free Template

(9 days ago) Online travel agencies are the core driver for new bookings and will be complemented by our mobile responsive and SEO optimized website. The business is projected to be profitable from year one and will increase its net profit over time. The break-even point is reached at …

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Number Of Hostels Worldwide – TheHostelHelper

(6 days ago) “But there other online travel agencies that claim to have XXX hostels listed.” Well, there’s a difference between hostels and properties. A hostel is a low-priced accommodation that focuses on a shared social experience. Guests typically also share their rooms in hostels.

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Top 30 Biggest Hostel Chains Worldwide In 2020 Full List

(Just Now) One of their lodges “Hostel One Paralelo” was awarded #9 best hostel worldwide by TheHostelHelper with an average review score of 9,61 across all online travel agencies. Hostel One also has one of the most sophisticated hostel websites I’ve ever seen in the industry. Click HERE to have a …

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9 Keys For Managing & Retaining Hostel Staff – …

(Just Now) Skilled people: Sometimes you’re lucky to get people that are carpenter, plumber, travel blogger or bring other valuable skills and experiences to the table. This can increase the actual value you receive dramatically!

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Start A Hostel Business 20 Steps To Succeed

(Just Now) A hostel website is a crucial part to receiving direct bookings WITHOUT paying commissions up to 20% to online travel agencies. And it has NEVER been easier to create your own website. In fact, it doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes to set …

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Policies Of The Top 30 Hostels Worldwide [+Template

(4 days ago) The top 30 hostels worldwide share an average score of 9.5 stars across all common online travel agencies for hostels. In total, they have an average of 6,466 online reviews. Click here to get free access to the list of the top 30 hostels worldwide. TheHostelHelper is all about using proven concepts rather than reinventing the wheel.

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15 Ways To Make Additional Money As A Hostel Owner

(2 days ago) One per day with specific travel tips and recommended travel gadgets. And by the way: there are really awesome travel items to offer. Just type in “travel gadgets” on Amazon. Amazon pays a commission of around 5% depending on the product. Hence, if your audience ends up buying something for $50, you’ll receive $2.5.

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Start a Hostel: 8 Keys For Choosing The Best Location

(4 days ago) A big bonus is when your location is a part of a popular travel route. Example: The Australian “east-coast-tour” is considered a “must-do” for every backpacker in the country. There are two hop-on/hop-off bus companies that allow people to easily travel north or south at their own pace.

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Why Has The USA So Few Hostels

(4 days ago) The hostel market is growing very quickly, so many will probably pop up soon enough!”. #25. “There’s a multitude of reasons why the hostel industry is not on the rise in the US: The economy, in general, is good, people’s perception of life and travel changes, and maybe everyone is finally forgetting that Hostel movie .”.

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7 Tips To Choose Your Hostel Name – The Ultimate Guide

(7 days ago) There’s a reason why the biggest Online Travel Agency (OTA) “” is called “HOSTEL world” and not “BACKPACKERS world”. Since your hostel should and will attract international travelers, avoid the temptations to use native names for hostel (e.g. Casa, Jugendherberge, etc.).

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69 Things Owners Wish They Had Known Before Starting A

(8 days ago) I like #67: “The ONE THING I wish I had known is how crucial it is to have a proper plan and to stick to it – no matter what.”. -> there will be soooo many naysayers along the way. Hence, I …

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Guest Screening How To Avoid Unwanted Hostel Guests

(1 days ago) Proof of travel plans “We might ask you at check-in to provide proof of your future travel itinerary.” – Obviously, not all travelers plan ahead. Hence, this is rather a back-up policy that you only play when needed. Proof of credit card “We might ask you at check-in to provide a valid credit card.”

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How To Build A Hostel Website For Less Than $100 & 15 Min

(9 days ago) Your website is the face of your hostel on the internet. Furthermore, it allows travelers to book your hostel directly without having to pay juicy commissions to online travel agencies (OTAs). Even without advertising your website, you’ll get direct bookings on a regular basis. The reason for this is called the “billboard effect”.

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#1 Improve Your Profile On Online Travel Agencies

(1 days ago) Online travel agencies (OTAs) are the #1 most effective distribution channel for hostels. Full stop. These platforms give you instant access to millions of potential guests all over the world. Without them, a hostel cannot survive these days. Hence, improving your profile on their platform is the single

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14 Proven Ways To Increase Your Hostel’s Occupancy Rate

(9 days ago) Online travel agencies (OTAs) are the #1 most effective distribution channel for hostels. Full stop. These platforms give you instant access to millions of potential guests all over the world. Without them, a hostel cannot survive these days.

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The Hostel Movie: Must-Watch Or Waste Of Time

(1 days ago) Spoiler alert: While the exact story differs from movie to movie, the basic idea remains the same. Rich people pay a lot of money to get the chance to torture others for the “thrill” of killing someone. The victims are typically travelers who get lured into a hostel where they get abducted. This is set up by an “Elite Hunting Club” which is basically an organized group of criminals.

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The Truth About Social Media Marketing For Hostels

(8 days ago) “As shown in the New York Times, Travel Channel, USA Today, etc.” “Join 20.000 other travelers and subscribe to our weekly newsletter” “Others who’ve bought X were also interested in Y.” Robert Cialdini is the pioneer mind behind this topic. Before Cialdini, social proof was unheard-of.

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Hostel Channel Manager – The Ultimate Guide – TheHostelHelper

(1 days ago) A study from Cornell University in 2017 showed an increase in direct bookings ranging between 9-26% by using online travel agencies. Furthermore, it turns testing new marketing strategies into a breeze: You’re unsure if Airbnb is really worth it? – Within a few minutes, you’re in the game.

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Hostel Marketing Plan – 11 Steps To Master Hostel

(Just Now) 3) Lead-Generation = recommending others Examples: – Affiliate marketing (e.g. for travel gadgets, books, etc.) – Commission for recommending (other accommodations, restaurants, bars, tours, trips, etc.) The beauty of some of the examples above is that they can be completely automated and lead to sales long AFTER they’ve visited your hostel!

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How To Deal With & Respond To Online Reviews – Hostel

(1 days ago) The top 20 hostels have an overall score across all online travel agencies ranging from 9.44 to 9.89 stars. That’s incredible. However, the result of this analysis really surprised me, to be honest. I thought they are the ones who go above and beyond in EVERYTHING they do. …

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6 Hacks To Get More Online Reviews For Your Hostel

(9 days ago) Many online travel agencies and review websites provide either an HTML code or a plugin so that you can easily add it to your website. You can find the TripAdvisor widget here. However, if you still haven’t switched your website to WordPress, this will be more complicated.

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BLOG – Page 9 – TheHostelHelper

(Just Now) Online Travel Agencies – The Ultimate Guide For Hostels. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide about online travel agencies, you’ve come to the right place. 889. Continue Reading. link to Benefits Of Niche Hostel Marketing & How To Find Your Niche.

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BLOG – Page 8 – TheHostelHelper

(Just Now) List Of Online Travel Agencies For Hostel Owner. Have you ever wondered which OTAs the most successful hostels use? If so, you've come to the right place! 1195. Continue Reading. link to Top 10 Hostels Worldwide – Based On Reviews. Top 10 Hostels Worldwide – Based On Reviews.

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6 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Crucial For Your Hostel

(1 days ago) The following formula shows how you can transform a 5-point scale into a 10-point scale. This is important in case you want to compare different reviews systems from various online travel agencies: 5-Point Rating x 9/4 – 9/4 + 1 = Your 10-Point Rating. Note: 4 stars on a 5-star rating do NOT equal 8 stars on a 10-star rating!

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Survey Results: What’s The Weirdest Thing A Guest Has Ever

(7 days ago) “An entire backpack full of clothes, personal items, diary, travel documents… everything. And he never came back!”

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13 Pricing Strategy Tips For Hostels Revenue Management

(2 days ago) 1) Not many online travel agencies (OTAs) allow you to implement it. 2) Not many booking engines for your hostel website allow such a system. This might change in the future but to this day, I don’t see a cost-effective way for small to medium hostels to use this strategy. But I’ll keep you posted.

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The #1 Challenge Among Hostel Owners When Running A Hostel

(6 days ago) top 5 challenges hostel owners. #1 Guest Satisfaction – 20%. #2 Staff – 17%. #3 Competition – 13%. #4 Marketing – 10%. #5 Occupancy – 9%. Note that the results are quite different from continent to continent. If you want to go deeper, download the free report here.

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9 Tips For Hostel Social Media Marketing – TheHostelHelper

(3 days ago) As you can see in the image above, #vacation is a pretty popular search term. It might also be clever to include some of the related hashtags in your post: #travel #holiday #traveling #tourism #beach #summer #trip. On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. That said, I perceive people who use 6 lines full of hashtags as needy.

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Benefits Of Niche Hostel Marketing & How To Find Your

(1 days ago) Heck, if you’re doing it right, you even have the chance to become a travel destination rather than a suitable accommodation in your area. To give you a personal example: I’ve never had aspirations to visit Singapore as a tourist. However, recently I discovered a hostel that makes my mind scream: “HELL yes, that’s EXACTLY for me!”

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How To Get Better Online Reviews For Your Hostel

(1 days ago) Online travel agencies are trying to create the “perfect” review system. The problem is, there’s no such thing as a perfect and fair system. As an example, Hostelworld’s factor “Value For Money” is – in my opinion – rather the overall result of all factors involved as opposed to being a separate category.

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95+ Tips For Starting A Hostel – Managers Share Insights

(5 days ago) Your primary two sources for bookings will be your presence on various online travel agencies (OTAs) and direct bookings through your website. I’ve already analyzed all OTAs that are used by the top 41 hostels worldwide. For further information, read my complete guide about OTAs including a full list.

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Hostel Bedrooms How To Create The Perfect Rooms & Dorm

(3 days ago) Obviously, the exact number depends upon the arrangement of your doors, windows, and the general layout. However, here’s a rule of thumb to get started: Plan 110 square feet (~10 square meters) for the very first bunk. Add 55 square feet (~5 square meters) for every additional one.

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Hostel Marketing Basics – 6 Keys To Become A Thriving

(2 days ago) A successful hostel marketing strategy consists of two parts: #1 The Marketing Basics. #2 The Marketing Plan. Think of the marketing basics as the foundation of your hostel. Without a solid foundation, there’s no chance to build an even and sturdy building. That’s like trying to fill a sieve with water.

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Start A Hostel – Page 8 – TheHostelHelper

(9 days ago) Online Travel Agencies – The Ultimate Guide For Hostels. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide about online travel agencies, you’ve come to the right place. 889. Continue Reading. link to Benefits Of Niche Hostel Marketing & How To Find Your Niche.

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