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Top 10's Travel News .TR

(9 days ago) TOP 10 DESTINATIONS IN THE USA FOR NATURE LOVERS. Alec Hills - Jul 26, 2021. National parks, lakes, coastal destinations, and the famous Las Vegas are often on the itinerary for nature lovers to explore the United States.

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Tourism Magazine .TR

(4 days ago) Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2019. Dear readers, the tourism industry has been growing immensely. In fact, in 2018 the international tourist arrivals grew by 5% reaching the 1.4 billion mark - two years earlier than the World Tourism

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SEO for Travel Websites .TR

(1 days ago) In search engine marketing, travel business is a well known category which is vast and highly diversified. There is also enormous competition in online marketing …

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Tourism Review Magazine: Africa, Medical Tourism and More

(Just Now) Medical tourism is a segment representing organized travel to undergo an affordable medical treatment in a different country. The global medical tourism market was valued at $53,768 million in 2017, and is estimated to reach at $143,461 million by 2025.

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Tourism Technology

(4 days ago) Tourism technology is now essential for any travel company. The customer is much more demanding and has a more experienced and digital profile. The target is changing and the tourist has gone from being a passive subject that needs a service to a key piece immensely involved in the process. Collaborative economy, travel apps, virtual tour guides

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Ethical Traveling: Corporate Social Responsibility in

(8 days ago) Corporate Social Responsibility: Responsible Tourism. Since the 1960s, the travel industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in spite of crises and strained political relations. To date, developing countries have not profited much. Tour operators, however, are increasingly paying attention to issues of corporate social responsibility.

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The Best Hunting Destinations

(8 days ago) 6. Belarus. This landlocked country is an ideal hunting destination due to its flat landscape and marshy tracts. It also has 11,000 pristine lakes and 40% of its land is covered with forest area thus perfect for hunting and fishing game. Their national animal – the European Bison – is an exciting game to hunt.

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Texas Tourism: More Than 220 Million Domestic Visitors .TR

(Just Now) The travel industry in Texas has been doing better than other states, potentially due to its exotic draws and wide range of both natural and entertaining things to do, such as sampling the spicy and sweet great local cuisine or hitting up a good old fashioned watering hole. Spending on travel in Texas has increased by 3.9% every year since 2009.

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Foreign Tourists Can Enter Hungary by Land without

(3 days ago) Air travel to Hungary for tourist purposes is still prohibited. Travelers who decide to spend the summer in Hungary must also note that overnight stays in hotels are still prohibited. This means that you either have to visit relatives and acquaintances or find accommodation via …

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Travel after COVID-19 Will Bring Changes .TR

(7 days ago) James Morris - May 11, 2020. 0. Tourism, the industry hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, begins to introduce measures for its recovery, just as it did after the 9/11 attacks in New York City that stopped air travel for several weeks and changed security controls forever, or during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

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Top 10 Travel Etiquette Tips .TR

(5 days ago) Try exotic foods. Seek classes or exhibits that teach new skills and appreciation. The more you experience your destination, the more you gain from your travel experience. By Lynne Christen. Lynne Christen is author of Travel Wisdom – Tips, Tools, and Tactics for All Travelers, available for purchase at

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Traveling to the U.S.

(8 days ago) latest news 04.10.2021 top 10 of the latest james bond film locations 04.10.2021 swiss summer season 2021: fewer locals, more foreign guests 04.10.2021 thailand plans to launch "crypto-tourism" 04.10.2021 remote work changing the reasons for travel

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Tourism in the Changing World .TR

(6 days ago) Travel and tourism for the most part is a leisure-oriented industry that depends on the travel’s disposable income. The one great exception to this rule would appear to be the business traveler, but during difficult economic times, businesses too have a tendency to cut back on travel.

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Survey: The Future of Travel Will Bring New Technology .TR

(9 days ago) An eDreams survey of 10,000 travelers across Europe concludes that tourists believe that new technologies could change the way we travel. Domestic tourists fly high when dreaming of traveling in the coming years: 51% believe that it will be possible to travel to space, 15% expect to be able to travel in Hyperloop, teleport or choose the weather of their destination, and the remaining 10% see

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Travel in 2021: Slow, Green and Last Minute .TR

(3 days ago) Slow Travel. For the world, 2020 has meant a slower approach to life. Many travelers have discovered that there is no need to rush. This kind of travel in 2021 will make travelers spend more time discovering a destination and visiting fewer places during the same trip but enjoying more experiences, cultures and traditions that make the journey

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Travel Warning for German Travelers Regards 160 Countries

(4 days ago) Richard Moor - Jun 14, 2020. 0. The federal government of Germany has extended the travel warning for tourists because of the Coronavirus pandemic for more than 160 countries outside the European Union until August 31. However, exceptions can be made for individual countries where the spread of the virus is sufficiently contained.

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Travel to Asia: Several Countries Getting Ready to Open .TR

(4 days ago) However, some countries are already open for travel, and others are expected to open in the near future. Vaccination is the central element in each case. The countries want to return slowly but surely to the tourist offer. Tourists nevertheless need the get familiar with the latest situation and regulations in effect for travel to Asia.

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Virtual Travel – Safe Alternative to Real Travel .TR

(5 days ago) The health crisis has accelerated the use of technology for many players. Many companies turn to virtual travel offer to maintain a link with the travelers’ favorite destinations and heritage sites. According to Sébastien Badault, Managing Director France of Alibaba, traveling was the first to be impacted by this health crisis.

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Different Colors Can Increase Bookings .TR

(8 days ago) While black represents exclusivity and glamor, good for luxury hotels, yellow gives off a warm and friendly vibe good for family fun. Green indicates nature and health, making it a great color for an outdoors travel agency, but red, which symbolizes high activity, may be better for city travel. 2) Experiment with hues.

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Travel Behavior Changing – Europeans Will Stay in Their

(7 days ago) Travel behavior of Europeans has changed. After months of self-isolation and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, Europeans can’t wait to travel again. 57% plan to travel the same or longer until the end of 2021, according to a report prepared by the Oliver Wyman consultancy on travel behavior in the main markets in Europe.

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(9 days ago) travel, especially by air. Another pre-pandemic problem that may wake up again is overtourism. That is, excessively frequent and numerous visits to some attractive destinations in relation to their capacity. The most notable examples of this phenomenon are the cities of Venice and Barcelona.

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Vaccinated Travelers in the EU: Are There Any Restrictions

(5 days ago) More and more European countries are becoming relatively easy to travel again, which is a positive sign with regards to the summer season in Europe. However, it must be said that the situation about the entry and return travel regulation is still quite volatile and one has to take into account what is necessary to enter a particular destination

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Predictions of the Future Travel Trends .TR

(4 days ago) FUTURE TRAVEL AND GLOBAL CHANGES PREDICTIONS. By 2040, international travel will be faster, easier and more sustainable than ever before. In addition, the trips will be a much richer experience. The number of air travelers will double by this time, our faces will be on our passports and boarding passes thanks to facing recognition systems, and

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(7 days ago) TRAVEL TO ASIA: WHAT IS THE CURRENT SITUATION? Asia has been totally closed for the whole pandemic period. However, some countries are already open for travel, and others are expected to open in the near future. Vaccination is the central element in each case. The countries want to return slowly but surely to the tourist offer.

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Companies Now Offer a Travel Insurance for Covid-19 .TR

(5 days ago) Compulsory Travel Insurance for Covid-19 . Before the outbreak, some countries already required travelers arriving in their country to have travel insurance to cover possible medical costs and repatriation. This trend is now on the rise and many countries now require travelers to have specific insurance covering the risks associated with Covid-19.

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Most Prominent Changes of the Travel Industry .TR

(8 days ago) Travel industry is to change after the pandemic. The safety practices many airlines put in place while operating in the heat of the pandemic are likely to serve as a blueprint for further operations when traveling recovers fully.

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Religious Traveler .TR

(5 days ago) Although religious travel is considered one of the oldest forms of tourism, it surprisingly remains one of the least known forms of travel in many ways. For example, ask the average traveler to name as many religious travel sites around the world as possible, and usually at best they can only name a handful of most common or popular faith-based

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Travel Sectors Are the Most Affected by the Coronavirus .TR

(3 days ago) The outbreak of the new respiratory virus that has spread through China –and that might have reached the U.S., where a traveler has already been diagnosed in Seattle – has also infected the stock market, showing a negative impact mainly on the tourism and luxury travel sectors.

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Online Viral Marketing in Tourism Industry

(1 days ago) Promoting travel destinations, tourism businesses or travel trade events is an essential component of any long term online marketing strategy. Thousands of unique articles submitted and distributed to hundreds of article directories and e-zine directories will increase the value of your travel & tourism website significantly.

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Tourism Industry in the Time of Corona Crisis .TR

(5 days ago) While the technology is evolving at an immense pace, all companies need to stay up to date, including travel businesses. New payment methods, virtual reality experiences, possibilities of hybrid meetings and events – many of these options were brought to light due to the current COVID-19 crisis, some of them have been embraced by the companies even before.

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Travel Trends: Agents Are Back on Track .TR

(6 days ago) One of the travel trends of the new normal is the fact that customer security will also be achieved through technologies that will allow the customer to limit the risks. A recent census wide survey showed that more than four out of five travelers believe that technology will increase their confidence to travel in the next 12 months.

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Weekly Travel News .TR

(5 days ago) There were clear signs of an upturn in global tourism in June and July 2021, as some destinations eased travel restrictions and the global rollout of vaccinations progressed in many parts of the world

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Tips to choose the best airline for your trip .TR

(2 days ago) After all, if you decide to travel to a far-flung area, you might travel for between 8 to 16 hours. So make sure to be mindful of a number of factors so that you can choose the best airline. In this feature, we will walk you through a few important tips to consider before cementing the decision to travel with a certain airline: Comfortable Flights

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Germans Travel Mostly to USA and Italy .TR

(5 days ago) The reason why the Germans travel is also different depending on age. The younger travelers prefer to recover from everyday life (30%), the over 59s are dominated by the urge to broaden their knowledge and discover new things (33.6%). The latter was only 13.3% percent of under 30 respondents’ reason to travel.

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French Tourism Reports Positive Business Travel Numbers .TR

(5 days ago) The business travel sector accounts for almost half of France's hotel business, but the economic crisis and the tendency to 'Uberize' everything are disrupting established practices. French tourism industry seems to be recovering, and while tourism as a whole is expected to reach a record high in 2017, the business travel segment of the market

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Chine to Become the Biggest Outbound Travel Market .TR

(1 days ago) CHINA WILL BE THE FIRST OUTBOUND TRAVEL MARKET. According to a study by Euromonitor International, tourists from mainland China will overtake Americans to become the largest international outbound travel market. The number of Chinese citizens traveling abroad will more than double, up to 259 million departures in 2030 of 97.5 million in 2018.

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Best Mean To Travel In Italy .TR

(5 days ago) The travel time is about half an hour to Sicily which is not only cheaper and quicker but also very picturesque. Certain regions in northern Italy also require the assistance of ferry boats to reach destinations like Cinque Terre and Bellagio. InterCity and InterRegionale trains.

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Travel Behavior – Germans Prefer Security .TR

(5 days ago) According to data on travel behavior, just under 55 million travelers in Germany undertake around 70 million holiday trips annually. On average, they travel 13 days, preferably in the Far East, North Africa or Spain. However, travel destinations within Germany, like Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Baltic Sea in the summer or skiing in Bavaria

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New Entry Requirements Effective in Tunisia .TR

(1 days ago) Tunisia announced new entry requirements for visitors. According to the latest statistics published by the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, tourism revenues in Tunisia have increased since the beginning of the year and until September 10, by 4.7% in Tunisian dinars, to 1674 million dinars and 7.5% in dollars (to 605 million dollars), compared to the same period of 2020.

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Travel Behavior of Chinese Outbound Tourists .TR

(4 days ago) Chinese oversea traveling is expected to grow by about 18.2% this year and will be above 116 million person/trips. In addition it is also expected the spending will be up by 20% to USD 155 billion, compare to the previous year. Such a giant outbound travel market simply cannot be overlooked by any travel and hospitality organization.

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Top Five Trends of Travel Technology .TR

(6 days ago) New travel apps are being developed every day in order to improve the travelers experience and expediency. In-flight Wi-Fi In the past times, if you were in the air a lot, the foremost thing that must have freaked you out was turning off your phone or setting it to flight mode.

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Airlines to Lose a Lot Due to the Travel Ban .TR

(Just Now) The "Travel Ban" is not a "Flight Ban", but the expected slump in demand will of course force the airlines to massively reduce the U.S. offer until further notice. The involved airlines call centers are overloaded. More information is being provided via websites or social media. United announces that they will comply with U.S. government

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TOP 10 Largest Hotel Chains in the World .TR

(3 days ago) 1/ InterContinental Hotel Group. Since 2004 IHG is the largest hotel chain in the world – today the group includes over 600,000 rooms. In the second half of 2008, 25,000 rooms joined the group’s inventory, whilst the pipeline growth of 250,000 over the next few years makes sure that IHG will remain on the top.

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Online Tourism Directory platform launched .TR

(2 days ago) It replaces the listing of travel organizations presented on, which has successfully served the tourism industry since 2006. The new Tourism Review Directories digital platform was developed to deliver more presentation options for the listed organizations and to …

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