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Dizin Ski Resort. Dizin Ski resort is one of the most important ski resorts of Iran and Middle East. It is located in the heights of Alborz province. Dizin is considered as the first ski facility that has been approved by the International Ski Federation to hold world competitions. Taq-e Bostan.

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Tourist Routes Visit Iran

(4 days ago) Travel to the Saffron Kingdom . Two Khorramans. Farhad Mountain to Shirin Castle . Going Through the Heart of Lut . Around Hezar Masjed. The Border Line between Desert and Jungle . A Path between Two Folks. From the Plain of Khuzestan, Over Zagros Mountains. Hanging around the Sassanid Territory.

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Top 10 Cities Visit Iran

(3 days ago) Related Links. Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Tourism and Handicrafts (MCTH) Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI) National Travel Call Center (09629)

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Provinces Visit Iran

(9 days ago) Hormozgan province (Persian: استان هرمزگان, [Hormozgān]) is located in the south of Iran, bordering the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The Strait of Hormoz, which is one of the most Khorasan Razavi Province. Khorasan Razavi Province (Persian: استان خراسان رضوی, [Khorāsān-e …

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COVID-19 Protecting Tips Visit Iran

(9 days ago) The best way to stay safe while traveling is to follow the latest World Health Organization guidelines as closely as possible. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, avoid shaking hands or touching your face, try and stay away from crowded places. Where possible, maintain at least 1 …

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Four Seasons Iran Visit Iran

(2 days ago) Khoshaku Ski Resort. Khoshaku Ski Resort is one of the most exciting centers for winter sports lovers. It is in northwestern Iran. This complex is located in Urmia city. Mianegaran Wetland. Mianegaran Wetland is a natural tourist site of Izeh is a city of Khuzestan where mostly the Bakhtiari tribe lives. Izeh and Dehdez are the two las.

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Tar and Havir Lakes

(5 days ago) Tar and Havir Lakes are formed on the heights of the Alborz Mountains. Therefore, it is best to travel there during the end of spring and the beginning of summer to avoid extreme cold. During autumn and winter, the lakes freeze and the land around becomes covered with snow. Traveling there during this time would be very hard, but you can see

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Essential Words Visit Iran

(Just Now) Yes. Bale No. Na Excuse me. Bebakh’shid Thanks. Sepaas Thank you. Moteshakeram You are welcome. Khahesh Mikonam Do you speak Persian? Farsi Baladin? Yes, little. Bale, Ye Kam Do you understand? Motevaje Shodin? I don't understand. Nemifahmam I don't know. Nemidoonam How do you say it in Persian? Ino Be Farsi chi migid? What does it mean? Yani Chi? What is it? In Chiye Please …

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Visa Visit Iran

(9 days ago) Notice: All visitors to Iran must hold a passport or travel document valid for six months at the time of departure. You can find here the last news and information regarding the latest changes in the visa rules and regulations, and excluded citizenship by tracking the below link.

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Lar National Park Visit Iran

(3 days ago) If you travel there during the end of the spring, you will find there covered with Poppies and wildflowers. The flower-covered plain, with mountains in the back, create amazing views. One of the best views of the highest peaks of Iran can be seen from Lar Park.

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A journey to a land with pleasant weather Visit Iran

(5 days ago) Come to Iran, if you are interested in traveling to prehistory; You can achieve one of human lifelong desires to travel to millions of years ago and visit landscapes where the traces of the biggest residents of the earth have been found. The same place where dinosaurs lived and, to date, only little traces of their footmarks and fossils and one tooth of them have been found by experts.

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Golestan National Park

(8 days ago) Golestan National Park is one of the most important wildlife habitats and national parks of Iran. It was declared as a conservation area in 1336 SH, and following multiple changes of name, it was eventually registered as one of the fifty natural reserves of the world by UNESCO in 1354 SH. And it was registered as a natural heritage of Iran in 1387 SH.

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Contact us Visit Iran

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Tehran Visit Iran

(6 days ago) Tehran hosts the 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition and is becoming a heaven for fans of Iranian culture and heritage. The attendees found a chance to watch live musical and choreographic National Garden Entrance Gateway. National Garden Entrance Gateway (Sardar-e-Bagh-e-Melli) is a magnificent brick gate, decorated with colorful

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