CDC Recommends That Unvaccinated People Don’t Travel Over

URL Copied! If you’re not vaccinated, you shouldn’t travel over the long Labor Day weekend. That’s the bottom line, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr

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Some Chicago Visitors May Avoid The City’s COVID-19 Travel

(3 days ago) As coronavirus cases surge nationwide, the city’s top doctor revealed a new map that assigns travel restrictions, including testing and quarantine requirements, based on color.

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Travel Trauma WBEZ Chicago

(9 days ago) The only real problem came when we needed – or wanted – to travel. Two visits a day by someone trained to give shots was expensive, but it was the mental worry that cost me most.

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CDC Lifts Travel Restrictions For Fully Vaccinated People

(Just Now) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its domestic travel guidance for fully vaccinated people, lifting certain testing and self-quarantine requirements but continuing to

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Thanksgiving Day Dilemma: Should You Travel Or Stay Home

(1 days ago) If 50 million people do travel for Thanksgiving, the number would be down 10% from last year. And of those who are planning to travel, McGee says …

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The U.S. Isn’t On EU’s New List Of Approved Travel

(8 days ago) U.S. travelers won’t be among those allowed to visit the European Union when the bloc begins opening its external borders on July 1. EU ambassadors endorsed a list of 15 travel partners on

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Chicago Orders Travelers To Quarantine WBEZ Chicago

(4 days ago) Travelers walk through O'Hare International Airport in June. On July 2, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered anyone returning from states with surging coronavirus cases to …

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Travelers From COVID-19 Hot Spots Must Quarantine

(7 days ago) Menu Donate. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said travelers coming to Chicago from states where COVID-19 is surging have an “obligation” to quarantine for 14 days. But she stopped short of

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Pandemic Exposes Gaps In Travel Insurance Coverage WBEZ

(1 days ago) Basic travel insurance policies generally don’t cover pandemics or fears of getting sick. And plans often have a very specific list of covered reasons for cancellation, such as losing a job or a

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Trump Travel Ban Faces Court Hearings By Challengers Today

(4 days ago) The order temporarily halts the U.S. refugee program and travel from six mostly Muslim countries. Some state attorneys general and immigration advocates were able to …

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Travel Tips For Your Post-Vaccination Memorial Day Weekend

(4 days ago) Travel Tips For Your Post-Vaccination Memorial Day Weekend. By Vanessa Romo. May 28, 7:52 a.m. CT. URL Copied! Children play with beach towels on a windy day in Belmar, N.J., on Tuesday. Millions

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Wisconsin, Other States Added To Chicago’s COVID-19 Travel

(9 days ago) The new travel restrictions take effect Friday. In a conference call with reporters Tuesday morning, Chicago Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady encouraged Chicagoans to change

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Indiana Is Added To Chicago’s Travel Quarantine List

(7 days ago) With nearly 7,000 new COVID-19 cases reported in the last four days by the Indiana Department of Health, Chicago elevated the state from a warning list to its official travel advisory/quarantine

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Air Travel High: TSA Screens 1 Million For 1st Time Since

(8 days ago) The agency screened more than one million travelers at airport security checkpoints Sunday, the most since the start of the pandemic. But the modest air travel increase may be short-lived.

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Vaccinated U.S. Travelers Will Be Allowed To Visit Europe

(8 days ago) The European Commission president says she expects all 27 EU member states will accept visitors who’ve received COVID-19 vaccines, but …

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Low-Income Burdened By Transportation In Chicago Area

(8 days ago) In this 2017 file photo, a CTA Green Line train travels West away from downtown Chicago. A new report from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning shows that the region's low-income residents

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Chicagoans Want To Fly Again And The Vacation Industry Is

(5 days ago) Travel agent Lynn Farrell said people need to be aware of the changing COVID protocols. She, of course, recommends getting a travel agent to help …

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Keeping The Spirit Of Travel Alive During COVID-19 WBEZ

(6 days ago) Keeping The Spirit Of Travel Alive During COVID-19. Suffering from the travel bug? Travel writer Rick Steves has advice on how to enjoy the delights of foreign travel — even from home.

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Promising COVID-19 Vaccine News Has Some Itching To Travel

(Just Now) Pizzarello — who writes a travel blog called Pizza in Motion and in a normal year between business and leisure, would fly more than 100,000 miles …

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Banking On Busy Summer Travel Season, Airlines Add More

(3 days ago) Amid a sudden surge in demand for domestic travel, especially to beach destinations and national parks, decimated airlines are adding service to new …

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Chicago’s Top Doc on Delta Variant, New Travel Advisory

(9 days ago) The city of Chicago has issued travel advisories for Missouri and Arkansas as the contagious Delta variant drives a spike of cases in those states. Reset …

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Trump Travel Ban Blocked Nationwide By Federal Judges

(8 days ago) Updated at 3:30 a.m. ET Thursday. Hours after a federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide temporary restraining order against President …

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FAQ: What Is A Vaccine ‘Passport’

(6 days ago) For travel, some of these passes are already in use to satisfy coronavirus testing requirements. CommonPass, made by a nonprofit called The Commons Project, is being used on all Lufthansa flights

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Why Ban Pickups from Lake Shore Drive

(4 days ago) The idea was to allow more traffic on Lake Shore Drive but this whole concept of a “pleasure drive” stuck, meaning the proscription against commercial vehicles (pickup trucks included) is

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Trump’s Latest Tweets On Travel Ban Could Raise New Legal

(Just Now) Trump’s original travel ban, barring would-be visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries, prompted airport protests throughout the country and was quickly blocked by the federal courts.

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Judge Stays Enforcement Of Trump Travel Ban WBEZ Chicago

(9 days ago) A federal judge in New York has issued an emergency order temporarily barring the U.S. from deporting people from nations subject to President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

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WBEZ’s Reset WBEZ Chicago

(5 days ago) WBEZ’s daily talk show Reset focuses on the news and conversations that matter most to listeners’ day-to-day lives. Hosted by Sasha-Ann Simons We would love to hear from you, and there are a

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Trump Administration Revises Travel Ban WBEZ Chicago

(8 days ago) The original travel ban was signed by Trump during his first week in office and caused chaos at airports as some nationals from the seven majority-Muslim countries on …

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Coronavirus: U.S. Extends Europe Travel Ban To U.K. And

(4 days ago) The travel ban does not apply to American citizens, legal permanent residents, their immediate families, and certain others. These people will be …

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Supreme Court Backs Broad Enforcement Of Travel Ban — For

(5 days ago) The action comes after an emergency request to set aside the appeals court ruling from the Trump administration which is seeking to enact the …

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Trump Suspends Travel From Europe For 30 Day WBEZ Chicago

(Just Now) Updated at 9:32 p.m. ET. President Trump announced a total ban on travel from European countries to the United States for the next 30 days, beginning on Friday at …

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Ferry-tale: Could a Chicago-to-Michigan Ferry Return from

(3 days ago) Ferry travel times for 1947 were calculated with an average speed of 19 mph and based on the routes depicted in a related infographic from Chicago Tribune …

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Police Won’t Enforce Self-Quarantine Order For Chicago

(9 days ago) The Chicago Department of Public Health said in a statement that the main goal is to discourage non-essential travel and ensure that people and businesses are aware of …

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Trump Asks Supreme Court To Reinstate Travel Ban On 6

(3 days ago) The temporary travel ban created chaos at airports both in the United States and abroad, as officials grappled with ambiguous instructions on whether and whom to admit to the country.

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The Pandemic Changed The World Of ‘Voluntourism.’ Some

(7 days ago) Critics say volunteering abroad does not always benefit local communities. The coronavirus travel bans have led to a different approach for volunteers who want to donate their services.

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Syrian Family Reunites After Travel Ban WBEZ Chicago

(7 days ago) A Syrian family from Northwest Indiana finally reunited at O’Hare Airport yesterday after President Trump’s travel ban took a devastating toll on them.

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Trump Travel Ban Allowed To Take Partial Effect WBEZ Chicago

(3 days ago) A federal appeals court in California has ruled that the Trump administration’s long-delayed travel ban can go into partial effect, allowing the government to …

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Supreme Court Upholds “Travel Ban 3.0” WBEZ Chicago

(1 days ago) We’ll discuss Travel Ban 3.0’s history, legalities, and also what comes next with Lucas Guttentag. He’s a lecturer in law, senior research scholar in law, and visiting human rights fellow at

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Kamala Harris’ Travel Suspended After 2 People Near Her

(Just Now) The Biden campaign has canceled Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ travel through Sunday after two people traveling with her tested positive for …

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A Closer Look At Trump’s New Travel Ban WBEZ Chicago

(4 days ago) Meissner: The new one may fix some of the legal and foreign policy issues with Iraq, but I think you raise a very important point: This still is a travel ban. It still is a complete shutdown

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Passing through: Union Station as Amish transit hub WBEZ

(5 days ago) So Paul was onto something: Amish people, by avoiding cars, travel by train throughout the Midwest and the country. Many Amtrak trains converge in …

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Trump, on 1st death from virus in US: ‘No reason to panic

(Just Now) Travel to Iran is already quite limited, though some families are allowed to travel there on a visa. It is one of the seven initial countries on Trump’s travel ban list, which means travel from

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Coronavirus Fears Lead To Canceled Flights, Concerns

(8 days ago) The Global Business Travel Association estimates that if coronavirus-related travel restrictions continue, whether the travel cutbacks are self-imposed or …

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Cook County Officials Announce Positive Coronavirus Test

(6 days ago) The announcement of another potential case comes as Chicago-area institutions are adjusting to newly-implemented travel restrictions announced by …

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Federal Judge In Hawaii Blocks Trump’s Third Attempt At

(1 days ago) A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked President Trump’s third attempt to restrict entry into the U.S. for citizens of certain countries. The newest version of the “travel ban” was due to go

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Banned Together: Travel Agent Worries Ban Will Kill Her

(9 days ago) February is usually a busy time for travel agent Manal Mashal, who runs Noor Travel out of her family’s home in southwest suburban Hickory Hills.

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Amtrak’s 2035 Map Has People Talking WBEZ Chicago

(Just Now) “President Biden’s plan would revolutionize the way Americans travel, finally launching U.S. passengers into the 21st century,” said Jim Mathews, president and CEO of the Rail Passengers

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Supreme Court Revives Parts Of Trump’s Travel Ban As It

(Just Now) The challengers in that case, led by the nonprofit International Refugee Assistance Project, argued that the travel ban is a thinly veiled attempt to block Muslims from entering the country

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Supreme Court Removes Travel Ban Cases From Its Calendar

(8 days ago) The Supreme Court has taken two cases involving President Trump’s controversial travel ban off its calendar, after the White House issued a revised and expanded ban. The justices ordered both

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